Monday, January 29, 2007

Phil Ivey Rumors


Well another week goes by and there are some more poker professionals makin noise. The latest rumor floatin across the world of poker is that it looks like Phil Ivey has been workin hard on his golf game when he is away from the poker tables. Phil Ivey set out for a big time money game against fellow poker professionals Ram Vaswani, Marc Goodwin, and Eric Sagstrom. As the story goes the poker pro's were on the first tee and they were asking Phil Ivey how he has been playing of late and Ivey responds with "I haven't been able to play too much of late because I have been tied up at the poker tables". So the group sets up the handicaps and they begin the round. Seven holes into the round two of the three players (Marc Goodwin and Eric Sagstrom) take off as they were down $450 thousand dollars each. These guys apparently were extremely upset and felt that they have just been hustled. Quick question here: If these guys were so willing to play for that kind of money don't you think they should have looked into Phil Ivey's game a little bit before they put the stakes on the line? If I'm playing for that kind of money I'm not just going to take a guys word that he has only played a handful of times. Isn't there a driving range at the course, maybe you watch the guy hit a few balls first and see where he is at. Also, with these guys making a game out of bluffing and being able to read their opponents maybe they should look in the mirrors and improve on those skills.

Is it really Phil Ivey's fault that he goes out and works on his game as hard as he does at the poker tables? Ram Vaswani continued to play Phil Ivey on the course and when it was all said and done he owes Ivey $900 thousand dollars. These two have a pretty good relationship so they decided to work out a deal that would get Phil Ivey the money. Now, as far as Marc Goodwin and Eric Sagstrom are concerned they left infuriated and there will no doubt be some hard feelings towards one another the next time they run into each other at the poker tables.

I see no problems at all with Phil Ivey taking these guys down that's for sure and maybe those guys will think twice before they take on a bet of this magnitude again. Whats worse losing the money or losing the money and leaving with your tails between your legs?


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Blogger DJForcefield said...

i would like to play phil ivey in a combo $10,000 buy-in no-limit table/ 72 hole 7500 yard tourney.
believe me when i say i can't read greens or faces, and i'm not a scratch golfer, i swear!

1:03 AM  

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