Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Brandi Hawbaker Rumors

There are some serious stories coming out in the last little while with regards to Brandi Hawbaker and Tom Franklin. First off, you always hear about poker players being backed by others in the business to get started or to get themselves out of trouble and continue to rise in the poker ranks. This latest poker story is a little off the wall and it definitely deserves some attention. Brandi Hawbaker is definitely an up and comer in the professional poker ranks and she is looking to further improve her status. She has been given offers from backers that have ranged anywhere from two year deals to sleeping with her. Now, she had turned these down because (A) she doesn't want to be tied in with people for this long as all she is looking for is a little help to get her going and she knows that once she gets going she won't need the help and (B) she doesn't want to sleep with people for money. Seems reasonable enough.

Then came along "The Captain" Tom Franklin and his sincere proposals to Brandi Hawbaker. Tom Franklin approached Brandi Hawbaker and told her that he loves to help young people get established in the professional poker ranks and that he would do everything possible to help her out. Tom also says he really becomes overjoyed when those he helps out succeed. In the beginning of this new relationship, Tom Franklin came right out and told Brandi that he truly wanted to help her out, but that she might start hearing things from the other poker players and in the poker industry. Those things being that Brandi was sleeping with Tom as part of the agreement. He told her that sometimes people say things because its an older man with a younger woman and people will believe what they want to believe. Brandi is strong willed and she said that won't bother her at all, and that she just wants to improve her poker skills.

Fast forward a little bit now that the two have been working together for a little while now, and would the real Tom Franklin please stand up. Here is how the story goes down: Tom takes Brandi out and he was continually buying shots for his young hot protege. But, he doesn't want anything out of the deal other than to see Brandi Hawbaker succeed. As the story unfolds, later that night (when Tom was buying Brandi all those shots) Tom supposedly climbed into Brandi's bed naked and tried to get into her pants. Obviously, he is no longer a father figure or just a backer this guy is a complete jackass. Brandi was beaten down mentally after all of this unfolded and she was distraught at the predicament she was in. She had won some money and she really needed this money from Tom so that she would be able to support herself, but Tom had gambled a lot of the money away and she really was left with only a few thousand dollars. Obviously not enough for her to even cover her rent and living expenses.

At Foxwoods, Brandi hit rock bottom and she confessed to trying to OD. She did receive some help from other poker pros and she even called Doyle Brunson to tell her story as Tom Franklin was being sponsored by Doyle. He listened to her but again its a she said he said kind of story and Doyle believed his buddy.

For now Brandi is in a big mess and she doesn't know what to do or where to go to get out of the funk she is now. This Tom Franklin needs to get his head shaken a bit as he has definitely ruined a promising young lady/poker player's life. Hopefully, Brandi will come out of this alright and she will get back on the right track with her life and her poker career.

There will definitely be more to follow up as this story grows. I'm sure we will here the other side of the story as well. Stay tuned for more details.

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Blogger Matt Piazza said...

I had my dealings with Captain "Con" Franklin 17 years ago at the Regency Club in Bell and Bell Gardens.

He "borrowed" $5,000 from me after we had a friendship going and then never paid me back. When I went to his house one night to ask for the money, he actually pulled a gun at me and pointed it straight at my face.

When I sued him in small claims court (I had him sign a loan) and won, he filed bankruptcy. Anyone could look up this case in the early 90's and see my name as a creditor (my name is Matt Piazza).

Many people from the Bicycle Club, where Captain "Con" used to be a poker dealer, know what a sleaze bag this guy is. I used to say that "everyone has a Tom Franklin" story.

The shocking thing is that Doyle Brunson was backing this loser of a person.

My new hero is Brandi Hawbaker. There is no question that her version was the truth.

12:17 AM  
Blogger Guy said...

Dear Brad aka "The Desperate Sucker":

If you're so enamored with this slut Brandi, why don't you back her then? You seem to think that in the noble and honorable world of poker, it is unthinkable that a shark would take advantage of a weaker person. Unheard of. Poker players rank up there with doctors and noble peace prize winners. How could such a thing possibly happen to such a poor, innocent, lap dancer? If you think so highly of this bitch, then why don't you back her? See what happens....'tard.

9:53 PM  

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