Monday, November 06, 2006

Jamie Gold Update

Jamie Gold has made some progress as far as his lawsuit is concerned. Jamie Gold and his lawyer have submitted the paper work to get this process undergoing. Here are some tidbits from the actual report:

A) Jamie Gold states that the contract that he signed with Bodog did not require him to secure big time celebrities. Jamie Gold states that he knew that Bodog was looking for celebrities to sponsor for the WSOP and that if Leyser was able to secure A list celebrities than Bodog might be able to get Leyser a seat in the WSOP. He did not guarantee that even if he was able to get these celebrities than Bodog would get him a seat, he merely suggested it.

B) Leyser was only able to secure a couple of lesser known celebrities and that wasn't enough for Bodog to give him a seat to the WSOP. Once Jamie Gold found out who the celebrities were (Matthew Lillard and Dax Shepard) that Leyser would not be getting a seat. Obviously, Leyser became disenchanted about this and became upset.

C) Once Leyser was informed by Jamie Gold that he would not be getting a seat in the main event he became real sad and depressed. From there, Jamie Gold said that he would share any of his winnings with Leyser because he felt sorry for him. It is stated in the legal document that Jamie Gold made nothing more than a promise to Leyser that he initially intended to honor.

D) As the Main Event was going on, Leyser was hounding Gold daily my multiple phone calls and text messages to make sure Jamie Gold was going to fulfill his end of the verbal agreement. As the final day came up, Leyser and his wife went to the WSOP and began spreading the rumor that Gold was going to share his winnings with him. So, Jamie Gold left Leyser a voicemail because he did not want any further distractions as all he wanted to concentrate was on poker. Here is what the phone message staid

"So please just be with me. I can't imagine you are going to have a problem with it. I just don't want any stress about any money or any of that shit going on today, or even after the end of the day. I'm sure you're going to be fine; you're going to be very well taken care of, absolutely fairly. We're just trying to handle this properly and after now I don't even want to talk [the money] about it or think about it."

Immediately following Jamie Gold winning the Main Event at the World Series he continued to get harrassed by Leyser and this further infuriated Jamie Gold.

Jamie Gold mentions that he and Leyser had communicated on the actual amount of the winnings that they would share. Gold had told him that he would give him half of his amount after taxes. Gold found out that Leyser was speaking with Mark Seif and he had a loophole where Leyser could avoid paying taxes on his share and that is why he wanted the money before tax and he was going to leave the country and avoid paying the taxes. Leyser declined to take the amount that Gold was willing to give him and the two parties continued to talk financial terms. Apparently from there Leyser filed the lawsuit on Jamie Gold before he had a chance to figure out the terms of the agreement.

That was an overview from the Jamie Gold side of things. It is definitely going to be interesting to see what exactly takes place here and who comes out on top. Jamie Gold's reputation has obviously taken a beating in the last little. Money definitely becomes an issue and it certainly has in this case. Stay tuned more details to follow.

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I hope this all ends well, it has put a bit of a black mark over the main event.

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