Wednesday, March 01, 2006

WPT Bay 101 Shooting Stars Event

Day 2 of the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Stars saw 268 players (25 of them Shooting Stars) compete for a chance to advance to Day 3 and a step closer to the $1,172,800 first place prize purse (and a seat to the WPT Championship). Two of the same incentives used on Day 1 were also in effect for Day 2. This is one Pokerparty you do not want to miss the results for.

25 poker pros were labeled “Shooting Stars” and given $5,000 bounties. Any player that busted out a “Shooting Star” would receive 5k in cash, and that money would be paid on the spot. Another incentive for the player's to strive for is to become the Day 2 chip leader at the end of the day. The poker player that finishes the day in first place would receive a $10,000 bonus. Again these are great incentives for the players to try and achieve and enhance their pokerparty experience.

Some of the “Shooting Stars” that didn’t make it past Day 2 were…

Shannon Elizabeth
Mike Matusow
Erick Lindgren
Tuan Le
Toto Leonidas
Paul Darden Jr.
T.J. Cloutier
Josh Arieh
Barry Greenstein
John Juanda
Phil Laak

One of the things that the “Shooting Star” bounties created was interesting showdowns as players tried to bust out Poker Pros and earn the $5,000 reward. James Woods felt the consequence of that twist as he was called 11K (All-in) by Webber Kang who was holding K2 of spades. Woods flipped his cards over and showed QJ and he then had to wait for the card gods to seal his tournament fate. Kang's chip stack was at 20k and he committed more than half of his chip stack to challenge Woods. As the flop, turn and river all came, Woods tournament was sealed as spade after spade gave Kang a K-high flush, and in the process eliminated Woods from the tournament.

Another interesting showdown saw John Juanda go ALL-IN Pre-flop and he instantly was called by Andy Miller. Juanda showed his A7 and Miller turned over a 10 and a 5. Flop showed 642, and the turn showed a 4, and the River brought a 3. Miller makes his straight and the $5,000 bounty.

The six pros that advanced to Day 3 are Jennifer Tilly, Salim Batshon (Huck Seed’s last minute replacement), Dan Harrington, Layne Flack, Carlos Mortensen, and John Cernuto.

A total of 59 players survived 10 levels of play with Vineet Sharma finishing in first place with $134,700 in chips and taking home $10,000 for his first place chip lead. On Day 3, 119 players (60 from Day 1 and 59 from Day 2) will play until there are 36 players left. The levels on Day 3 have been lengthened from 1 hour to 90 minutes.

The bounties will be in effect until the completion of the tournament on Friday. It will be interesting to see if some of the players will continue to pursue the bounty as they get closer to the money. Will there be a challenge to a “Shooting Star” for a chance at $5,000 or will they bite the bullet and fight for the bigger prize? A first place finish in this event is worth $1,172,800 and a seat to the WPT
(buy-in is worth $25,500). You might be seeing less of the player's trying to take down the poker pro's as that first prize is really substantial. Stay tuned as this PokerParty is only going to continue to heat up as the tournament approaches its conclusion.

Here are the top chip leaders going into day three:

(There are 119 players remaining going into Day 3 action)

1 Vineet Sharma 134,700 Chips
2 Stuart Fahmy 125,100 Chips
3 Robert Mizrachi 115,800 Chips
4 Farzad Bonyadi 107,600 Chips
5 Kirk Morrison 104,600 Chips
6 Larry Elliot 100,600 Chips
7 Tom Henning 91,900 Chips
8 John Smith 91,500 Chips
9 Jason Stern 89,100 Chips
10 Brad Booth 88,700 Chips
11 An-Nan Chen 88,200 Chips
12 Layne Flack 86,100 Chips
13 Yakoub Bellawala 85,300 Chips
14 Jennifer Tilly 84,900 Chips
15 Todd Arnold 83,600 Chips


22 David 'Chip' Reese 68,400 Chips
24 Gus Hansen 65,100 Chips
40 Gabriel Thaler 49,000 Chips
42 Allen Cunningham 47,500 Chips
43 Minh Nguyen 47,300 Chips
70 Doyle Brunson 30,500 Chips
74 Juan Carlos Mortensen 29,000 Chips
89 Dan Harrington 23,600 Chips
101 David Williams 18,800 Chips
The average chip stack is at $43,529

Make sure to check back for the latest PokerParty updates on the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Stars Event. Don't forget to use the bonus code 20BR for your next PartyPoker experience.

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