Saturday, March 04, 2006

Scott Fischman Rumor

There were some rumors floating around the message board community about Scott Fischman borrowing a substantial amount of money from Thomas "Thunder" Keller to enter into some major poker tournaments and enjoy the PokerParty. Here is the rumor brought to you by 2+2 Forums:

"A very respected and well-known top tourney and cash game player told me the following: Apparently, Thomas Keller backed Scott Fischman for 400k in tourney buyins since August of last year. The deal was 65/35 to Fischman w/ makeup. Which means that Keller gets paid back whatever buyins he stakes Scott for, then Scott keeps 65% of the profits.

At some point, another guy offers Scott a staking deal. Scott takes that deal, leaving Keller out 400k, with no payback when Scott hits his next score.
Now, apparently Scott claims there was no makeup condition in this staking arrangement, and Keller claims otherwise."

Here is Scott Fischman's reply to this situation:

I will try to make this breif....hopefully this will; be my first and last post ever on here, as i usually dont like to entertain these type of childish high school gossip crap. I am aware by now that my position as a public figure forces people to talk about me quite often whether good or bad it usually never bothers me but this one happen to hit me in the wrong spot and i think it is because some of my close friends are involved in the rumor circulation. I am really hoping that "eldiablo" is not todd arnold because if it is then i would appreciate a phone calll when you read this. Also, quickly, and without reading the whole thread (i read like the 1st 20 replies) i would say thank you shaniac for being honest and shedding some light on the situation...Ebolivia, although you were honest and said nothing good or bad about me, i am a little disappointed that you wouldnt let me know this issue was on here and also that you should know this is [censored]!!! ok anway, i dont want to be too dramatic but let me try to settle this.
1. I was backed by thomas
2. i LOST and it was a hefty figure... NOT 400k and also NONE of anyones business.
3. there was no CONTRACT whatsoever. and this deal was terminated for various reasons. NONE of which any of you are entitled to hear.
4. I dont know where you guys get the idea that i owe thomas the "400k" back but that is very silly. The whole idea of being backed is that you do not put up your own money and if you lose that is the risk that the backer assumes. Why on earth would i get backed and give up 35% of my winnings but then pay thomas back if i lost???????? make any sense to anyone?
i think that pretty much sums up what i want to say, and i doubt i will be on hear to read the replies or post again, so i would apprecitae a phone call from shania, ebo or eldiablo if there are any more burning questions or rumors that u think i should give my attention to. thank you

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