Thursday, February 02, 2006

A PokerParty Thursday

Does anyone who reads this watch the television show 24. I got hooked on this series last winter when I was chilling in sweet home Alabama and I am so pumped now that the season has arrived. This show is the best goddamn program on television and Kiefer Sutherland is an absolute genius coming up with this program. Still on television, that show King of Vegas has been on for a while now and I definitely am not feeling this show one bit. When I had first heard about it I thought it was a great idea but the show fucking sucks. Aside from Big Boy the characters are useless and that is what sells a show. They would have been better off producing a pure poker reality tv show and saved themselves from this show. They should have gotten the twenty top poker professionals and have them do a showdown texas holdem style or something on that manner. Or even do a guys versus girls or even generations. Now that would be interesting, not like this bullshit that they have going on.

I have steered clear of politics on this blog for the most part aside from the George Bush jokes and pictures but cmon the guy is an ass clown and the jokes are pretty funny. Anyways this Bin Laden fuck is really starting to drive me nuts. I mean can we seriously not find this guy. I know that supposedly they were close to finding him but how the hell do you have everything surrounded and you can find this fuck or his 90 year old side kick that loves to make cameos and how the hell is this old guy running through the bloody mountains and nobody can find him. Like seriously find these clowns and don't kill them right away beat the living snot outta these guys.

I have put together some funny pics for you guys to take a look at:

"For me these never get old. What a Clown!"

"What a fucked up Squirrel"

For all of those that are curious how the kid's job search is coming along I am here to tell you that I am still looking but I have definitely found something that is going to be my career. I am going to start part time work helping student athletes get athletic scholarships. This is really exciting for me and I am going to start working part time and I have been offered a franchise opportunity which I am going to seriously consider. This position couldn't be any better for me as this is right up my alley. So I haven't gotten anything full time yet but this I think is gonna be the start of something big for the kid. If this fails maybe I will just take up playing poker full time whether it be online or live. Cause I'm that damn good! Hahaha just playin. I ain't that damn good! Thanks to the chap that left the message for me not to write about my bad beats, last time I checked this was the kid's blog and I can write about whatever the fuck I want! By the way I did win a SNG today but I am still struggling and real frustrated. So until your next Pokerparty thanks for checkin out my blog.

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