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JJProdigy: PokerParty Busted

By now pretty much everyone who follows online poker has heard the name JJProdigy. But where did he come from? Out of the blue one day, he won the Triple Crown. Then he was ranked on And then he went on a heater in August and beat out the best players on the net to win the heralded TLB crown (Tournament Leaderboard at PokerStars)and an extra $5k courtesy of nip/tuck.

Someone gave Josh $100 to start playing on PartyPoker in Fall 2004, and he began playing the $25 max NL games, and he built his bankroll up to about $2k. “I have no idea how,” he said in retrospect, "I was the biggest fish". He moved on to the $200 max game, and his bankroll fluctuated for a while between $2k and $5k. Then he won an entrant into a 2 table Step 5, which he won for $9k. A few days later, in January 2005, he got 6th in $200k guaranteed for just over $10k.

Josh now plays at least a couple tournaments every day, although during that August TLB race, he was playing as many as 250 tournaments a week! He’s slowed down since, and he prefers not to force himself to play if he’s not feeling into it. He does pretty much always play the Stars 150’s and the daily “Super” tournaments on Party Poker. Also on Sunday, “all of them are musts,” he says.

When he’s not playing multis, he spends his online poker time playing $200 and $500 turbo sit-n-go’s on Poker Stars, and the Step 5’s and mini-step 5’s on Party Poker. He plays a fair amount of $10-20 No Limit Hold'em and some $50-100 and $100-200 Limit Hold'em. Recently, he’s been trying to play some $30/60 Omaha 8/b. Out of all of this, sit-n-go’s are the only thing he plays every day.

That was a little history on the beginning of JJProdigy. His name has popped up all over the internet and if you are a frequent visitor to poker message boards you will see a lot of heated debates on this young man. For those of you who have not heard the news about JJProdigy let me enlighten you a little bit. On Sunday, February 12, 2006 PartyPoker held the weekly $500K Guaranteed tournament, JJProdigy was signed up under his account and he also logged in from a second account titled ABlackCar (which he claimed to be his grandma's account). So, he was playing in this tournament under two aliases, and he eventually won the tournament under his second account: ABlackCar. Needless to say there were a lot of rumblings going on once the tournament had come to a conclusion, and that indeed this account (ABlackCar) was JJProdigy. People had filed complaints to PartyPoker as JJProdigy let it slip that he was playing under two accounts and that cost him dearly financially, and it definitely hurt his reputation.

Here is his JJProdigy's statement on exactly what happened!

This was posted in the 2+2 Forums.

"The account 'ABlackCar' was not made for multi-accounting. It was intentionally made for my grandma for her birthday present. However, it was never given to her. So, I had an extra account. Yes, I multi-tabled. Yes, it is incredibly easy. Yes, many
people do it was . You really have no idea about the situation. About 2 months ago, I thought it was just a really bad idea like everyone else. A lot of my friends did it, and I always gave them a hard time for it. But, I had a conversation with a player where we decided it would be a lot of +EV to not be known when you are playing MTTs. So, basically, I had a spare account with tons of +EV in it. So many poeple did it with no repercussions. I know someone who had over 10 accounts in a recent million guaranteed.

Party Poker has no idea. So, back to the day of the win. When there was about 30 left, I started telling all these people I was in. I was too much caught up in the moment, and it was a really stupid thing to do in hindsight. It slipped out, and everyone knew. The account was in the name of my grandma, and it was intended for her to play in, so that was the easiest excuse for me. I apologize for lying to everyone. I really do. When such a large amount of money is on the line, it's really tough to be loyal to morals.The next morning, both accounts were closed. Today, they took away all the money. The roughly 40k in JJProdigy, and the 140k in ABlackCar."

This is the statement that Josh AKA "JJProdigy" received from PartyPoker:


The investigations team opened an investigation on accounts JJProdigy and ABlackCar relating to suspicious activities during the February 12th $500K Guaranteed Tournament. The investigation was initially triggered by the investigations team as a result of a common information alert, IP and computer. Although the investigation was initiated internally, customer service began receiving complaints/concerns regarding this situation starting on February 13th. With this investigation, the complaints and alerts pointed to multiple accounts being played
from the same location in the same tournament.

The accounts involved in the investigation:
Account JJProdgy was created on November 4th, 2004.
Account ABlackCar was created on December 31st, 2005.

Note: The account ABlackCar was not created until December 31st, 2005, therefore all previous data was not used in the investigation unless found
to be relevant.

When investigating the location of where an account is played from, there are two identifying factors that are taken into account.A specific computer is traced by a unique computer identification number. An Internet Protocol (IP) address is the address that an internet service provider uses to identify and trace the location of a computer.

From December 31st, 2005 until February 11th, both accounts only used the IP address xxxxxxx, which traces to xxxxxx, CA. Both accounts only used a
computer with the same identifier. These are referred to as the xxxxxx IP and computer.

Account ABlackCar was created from the Home IP and computer on December 31st, 2005. On dates of January 1st, 3rd, 5th, 15th and February 6th, 7th and 9th ABlackCar logged into the Home IP and computer and registered and played in a total of nine tournaments. All of these tournaments had a buy-in of $100 or more.

Account JJProdigy was logged into from the Home IP and computer on the same dates and registered and played in the same tournaments. Both of these accounts were played from the same computer and the same IP address in the same tournaments.

The tournament in question took placed on February 12th. At 13:54 ET account JJProdigy logged into a different computer, but from the Home IP, and registered for the $500k Guaranteed Tournament. That account then logged out and back in on the Home computer at 15:18. $215 was transferred to account ABlackCar at 15:27. At 15:32 account ABlackCar logged onto the Home IP and computer and registered for the same $500k Tournament.

Both accounts started playing the $500k Tournament from the Home IP and computer.


This indisputable evidence led to the conclusion that both accounts had played several tournaments together from the same computer located in the same

Account ABlackCar, although registered in a different name, is believed to have been created with the sole intention of playing multiple accounts in the same tournaments. Both accounts were consistently logged into at the same time and show a consistent pattern of being played by the same person.


A decision has been made, in consultation with the Poker Room Manager, Legal and Management, to close both accounts and confiscate all funds. Funds gathered by this deception will be refunded to the players that were affected.

First off, for anyone who doesn’t know, this type of behavior has become quite common in the online poker world. There are numerous high profile online players entering multiple accounts into poker tournaments. It has been reported in the media that some players enter as many as 10 different accounts into one tournament. I don't know about you, but I think this kind of gives them an unfair advantage, don’t you?

If you have multiple accounts entered into the same tournament, there becomes a very real possibility of chip-dumping if you have multiple accounts playing at the same table. Multiple accounts in online poker is just not fair and certainly not virtuous.

That's all for now, but make sure you check out the blog as I am going to put up a post on the challenge proposed to Mike Matusow by an Online Poker Player.

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