Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Challenge to Mike Matusow

The online poker world has some tremendous players and they are quite capable of taking on the bigtime players on the professional circuit. There have been a lot of online poker player's making significant moves in the major tournaments and they are making names and headlines for themselves; whether it be good or bad. The latest online poker player that's name has cropped up of late is BicycleKick, and the reason his name has received some notoriety of late is because he has layed out a challenge to Mike Matusow in a heads up limit hold'em any stakes competition.

Check out this post from 2+2 Forums on the challenge:

"For those that don't know, I was in LA this past weekend and Mike Matusow joined our $400/800 hold-em game and was rippin on for a play I made that he thought was bad. No big deal and I didn't think much of it. He is on a radio show on cardplayer and in an interview with Liz Leau he asks her what she thought of that red headed kid who thinks he can play and then says he'd like to play him every day for the rest of his life. Well, here I am. I'll play you heads-up limit holdem for any stakes you want. I know you hate online, so we can play live. I hope we can play at least $400/800 as that was the limit we were playing when you were talking. I'm pretty sure you're just a big talker and would never agree to this, but it's just too much possibility for big $$$ for me to not at least make an offer. Put your money where your mouth is."

Be sure to check out the final table preview (mp3) audio clip from Card Player.

Some Mike Matusow Quotes:

"Limit hold'em is for idiots that can't play poker(31:10 in the interview)" said Mike. Later Mike say's ,"(32.24) Nowadays, let's be honest, in limit holdem, nobody folds any pair, ever."

"Not at the limit I play," says Liz. Mike continues saying, "I play at the biggest game there is and they never fold any hand so I don't know what game you're in... "Because it's you! That's because it's you!", interrupts Liz .

Here's Mike Matusow's comments on the kid that challenged him:

Mike: "do I think you're a donk?, yeah I do. If you wanna play me No Limit hold'em Heads Up then i'll give you 10% of your money back. We'll play as high as you want."

Mike: "limit holdem, game for morons who can't play poker. Any idiot can win in limit hold'em Heads Up."

Mike: "you see Andy Beal, he just played the best in the world and took 'em for 15 million. I just made the comment the other day because I saw two plays I thought were **** so I said ' just another internet kid who thinks he can play.'"

Here are some quotes from Neverwin on his Poker Forums on BicycleKick and Matusow:

NEVERWIN SAYS "I was playing in the 1k-2k game right behind u, and I came over and looked at your game a few times when it was short handed before Mike sat down. I was too stuck in my game to come play 4-8, but I was thinking about it when I saw u had a lot of chips and I never seen or heard about u before, so I thought about teaching u some short handed lessons, but even if I busted u at that point, all I would do was get about even so I stayed and lost 97k in the game I was in. When it got 3 handed with Todd brunson and Allan Cunningham, the game broke, I said Im not a big enough fish for u guys to play, they said, nope, u too strong man. I said thank you for the compliment. Your game was broke, otherwise id come over then"

DANDRUFF CHIMES IN: "I'm surprised bicyclekick would be willing to play 2k/4k stakes. I didn't think he had the roll for that. I would never play stakes like that unless there was a megadonk there. As far as bicycle being up against Matusow, I don't know who would be the favorite. I haven't seen enough of Matusow's heads up Limit Hold'em game to judge. By the way, sounds like the high stakes game at Commerce this past weekend were lousy. Allen Cunningham and Todd Brunson?! Were there even any semi-donks at the 4-8 game? And what about the 1k-2k game where Neverwin lost 97k? I'm guessing everyone there was good, as well.

Here is a solid quote on the Big Game and it is a good read and very informative on some of the poker player's involved:

NEVERWIN SAYS "Druff the game was not all that good except when I entered the game, everyone at the table was stuck. the game started out at 400-800, and was 800-1600 when I sat down. The game was me, Chau Chaing, Caddy, Frank Kong, Steve Wolfe, lot of action so the game was good. Shortly after Caddy talked everyone into bumping it to 1k-2k. Later Eskimo Clark sat down and hit and ran for 40k, then Don Z sat down very shortly hit for about 20k. Chau went on a huge heater and went from being stuck 80k to about a 100k winner. It wasn't till the next day that Phil Ivey joined the game, but only played for about 20 minutes because caddy said he would play props with him. Caddy got stuck 50 dimes in props when Phil added a prop of K of spade being worth 30k, the very next hand Phil had the K of spade, it put Caddy into a complete frenzy and then Doyle, Caddy, and Phil started a 4k-8k game. At this point Grinder/David Williams enter the game and borrow 50k, then Todd Brunson jumps in. So it was kinda short handed for a little bit, then at the very end Allan Cunningham joins in, and Frank and Steve leave making it 4 handed. This game lasted no longer than about 45 minutes, when Grinder/David Williams lose 100k total in the game, the game broke.


"Phil Hellmuth tried to convince me that he had made over 1M in online LHE the other day."

"I guess he just conviently has a big downswing everytime there are observers."

DANDRUFF SAYS "That's why the game immediately fills up as soon as he sits down on Ultimate Bet. Of course, he probably attributes that to his fame."

It is great hearing stories about the professional poker player's stories and their big wins and losses and their reputations from fellow poker player's. Stay tuned for my next post as there is going to be more gossip coming from the poker circuit and the online poker world. Thanks for checking out my blog and don't forget for your next pokerparty to use the bonus code 20BR for your next partypoker experience.

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