Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bodog.com introduces new poker show

Bodog.com has stepped up as the latest online poker company to start up a new television reality series. This series titled "Are you the Next Poker Superstar" will begin March 4-11. The CEO of Bodog.com Calvin Ayre will host the six-episode show from his luxurious Central American estate, called the Bodog Compound, in San Jose, Costa Rica.

This is how the show is going to go:

"The poker TV series will present the journey of 40 individuals – 10 celebrities, 10 poker professionals, and 20 Bodog.com poker players – as they compete for a $500,000 grand prize. Every episode will feature a poker game, where the winner will take the US $50,000 first place prize and a spot at the sixth and final table for a chance to win the $500,000 grand prize".

Sounds like it should be pretty entertaining but ya never know how this will fare as there have been numerous attempts by various companies to grab the poker spotlight and they have come up empty. So we will have to wait and see on this one.

So if you are serious about taking your game and Pokerparty to the next level than you can sign up for this show at Bodog.com. Remember if you are a fan of online poker don't forget to use the bonus code 20BR at Partypoker.


Now back to the on again off again drama of poker player Andy Beal. It was confirmed a little over a week and a half ago that Andy Beal had packed up his poker chips and his poker career was done. Well just like many before him he didn't last too long being out of the game well make that five days he was done for and he has landed back in Vegas and he is stationed at the Wynn playing for the big time cash he has been accustomed to playing. You wonder what goes through these guys minds when they say they are done with poker and then not even a week goes by and he's back. Is it the addiction or is it the pride factor. You really have to wonder what these guys think about? Well good luck to Andy Beal as I'm sure he'll be alright as he is one hell of a poker player.


Who is getting ready to board the Party Poker Million V cruise ship and compete for thousands and thousands of dollars. The guys at partypoker come up with the ultimate ideas for prizes and such, even though the partypoker Million cruise has been going on for awhile what a great idea. Imagine playing poker on an unbelievable cruise ship for seven days like Christ sign me up. I'm all for poker but who's kidding who here get me on that bloody cruise ship. Especially with the coldness that's been in my neck of the woods of late, please partypoker hook a brother up. Anyways if you guys are looking for some poker, good weather, and a rockin good time check out the qualifiers and get your ass on board the almighty cruise.

I truly feel that it must be hard for these other online poker companies to compete with the likes of partypoker, FullTiltPoker, Ultimate Bet, and Poker Stars. I mean those are no doubt the three giants and I just don't get how the others are able to even stay close to these guys. Especially with the prizes and the tournaments that these guys offer, they are above and beyond and i'm going to say PartyPoker.com is the leader of the pack.

Thanks for checking out the Kid's blog and don't forget the bonus code 20BR for your PokerParty at Partypoker.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just so you have all the info... the "major netwok" bodog keeps referring to in their press releases is Fox Sports Net (a third rate network at best with small numbers of viewers). In PR, the way you get people's attention if your show doesn't have any "juice" is to put out a press release and tell everyone that it's a hot ticket and that someone "major" bought it. People, this is a TIME BUY! They are buying the time to air this show... like an infomercial. JUST LIKE THEY DID AT SPIKE! When a show doesn't air every day for a week it's a TIME BUY - repeats are how the networks recoop their investment.

What's even worse is the content. Look at Bodog's last show - Salute the Toops on Spike (also a Time Buy). It sucked. Calvin (who is going to be the host of his new show) is TERRIBLE! His production group has never done a true reality show or even a true poker tournament series... don't trust your reputation or waste your time for a chance to make him rich. He thinks he's the next Hugh Hefner or Donald Trump... the production will be low rent... yes, the girls are hot, but you do know that 40% of the women in Costa Rica have herpes... YUK. cool

Anyone who really knows how to play poker can just go online or a casino, make some money and not contribute to Calvin's pocketbook.


12:39 PM  

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