Friday, January 27, 2006

Some Kid Ramblings

Alright like what the hell is the deal with online poker. I mean yesterday I sat down and played five SNG's and I came up empty. Now I don't give a shit about that, but what I do care about is how it seems like I will get screwed every single time I play. Ya know what, in the last week or so everytime I have moved all in I have been the favorite in every single hand and then it comes down to either the turn or the river card and bammo, welcome to seeyoulaterville. Like fuck off! I get real fired up and I am almost considering shutting down online poker. Like this is getting past the point of ridiculous. At one point a couple of months ago I was cashing in almost everytime I played and now it's like I get in fourth place and somehow or another I keep getting screwed. I was on a hiatus and then I wanted to get back to playing and now I'm thinking of another hiatus. I am past the point of being frustrated with this goddamn game. Yeah for anyone who cares I have my pokerparty fix at party poker. If you want a bonus code and come take some of my money plug in 20BR when you get that chance.


What else is going on in the world of poker. Well my man Scotty "Wassup Baby" Nguyen won the WPT World Poker Open. This couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. I am a huge fan of this man as for those of you who have read my vegas trip recaps you'll know why. Congratulations Scotty on a job well done.

The word job just came up and that gets me on another little rant. Yes I am still looking for some work and for those of you that have asked I am not available for being your gigolo for a night. I don't mean to playa hate but yeah I am the kid but I ain't no gigolo. Haha. Ya'll can call up the Deuce Bigalow if you lookin for ya male gigolo. I can't believe I used that goddamn ya'll shit again, and I've been out of Alabama for like nine months. No offense to anyone who lives in Bama' but I'm glad I'm not there anymore. The main reason is because of the lack of things to do. I know Auburn and places like that are pretty good but when you set up shop in the capital of the state and the only place you can go out to is a bowling alley night club something has got to give. I'm gonna say it "That's Embarassing".


So our Toronto sports teams are having a rough go again, as our beloved Maple Leafs have now lost seven games in a row and that's the first time that has happened since 1997. Holy shit this pisses me off, we are supposed to be the hotbed and our team is this shit. We do have some significant injuries but still its time these boys stepped up and delivered on their promises. I'm still one hundred percent behind these boys but fuck they gotta win a goddamn game.

Now for the Toronto Raptors (or as my good bud the Cobster likes to call them the Craptors) just fired their GM Rob Babcock yesterday. Was this a good move some say most def while others are not sure about the timing and was this the right guy who should have been fired. The guy who needs to go is the CEO of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Richard Peddie. This guy is an absolute Ass Clown who needs to get outta dodge ASAP. This guy has hired the Raptors GM and the Leafs GM and both of those hirings were mistakes. This Peddie character has done nothing to benefit both franchises in his tenure here and I can't believe this meathead still has a job. So I'll start up the FIRE RICHARD PEDDIE BANDWAGON. Cmon MLSE get your act together and get this fucking ass clown on the first train outta here.

Wow, I am all vented out and I haven't stopped typing yet. I love to vent on the keyboard as I typically don't vent out loud so this is my time to let it all out. I appreciate those that stop by and check me out, now tell your buds or colleagues to come and check out the kid's blog as there is some cool shit on here and it's only gonna get better. Thanks again and hey have a great weekend and to my boys Fritzdawg and the Cobster who are on a solid expedition, What's up and don't forget to have mad pizzints for the kid. Hey Shep you doin aiight over there in Belfast? Keep on rocking your Theo Fleury Belfast Giants jersey bra, that's fuckin solid.

Till next time, the kid is outta the hizzy!

Oh yeah don't forget the bonus code 20BR for PokerParty, whoops shit Party Poker!

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your blog shows promise kid. You are pretty decent at rambling on for a while, and that seems to be the right thing to do in these things. for a little advice though, i suggest you read this little post from one of the greats who has hung up his blogging shoes.

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