Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New WSOP Event and a PokerParty

Here we go again with the bad runs on party poker. Last night I decided it was time for a pokerparty so I set up shop in my office and I was going to play for two hours. As you all know by now I love my SNG’s so I signed in and away I went. I’m starting to get real annoyed with this crap now as it just seems that I continually get screwed on the river. I finished in fourth place three straight times. Everytime I was all-in with a high pair and in two of those times a guy hits a runner runner flush to knock me out. I was getting real pissed and I’m startin to really wonder about this crap. I was the short stack but only by a little bit, I had just under a thousand chips and one time I had pocket aces and the next time I had pocket kings and a king came on the flop. So I had a set of kings and a guy called me all-in with the J8c. Great call! And he ends up hitting three goddamn clubs to knock me out. I couldn’t fuckin believe it. Needless to say that I played in five SNG’s and didn’t get in the money on any of them. I feel like Phil Hellmuth right now, bitching about my losses and claiming to have played great poker but I did play the right way and just got shit luck. Eventually it’s gotta come around again and I’ll be back on the winning track. At least I hope so!

Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. has added a new event to the mix for next year’s World Series of Poker. This event is not a Hold’em event which will probably come as a nice surprise to the poker professionals. This event will have the single biggest buy-in for a professional poker tournament at $50,000. The type of format is H.O.R.S.E. This is a tremendously difficult game and it will take the best players in the world to win this event. For those that do not know what H.O.R.S.E. is, it is a game that demands players to compete in five different poker variations throughout the event. The games that will be played are as follows: No Limit Hold’em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and Eight or Better. This will be an exciting event and this is the type of event that will show who is the best card player in the world. I’m sure people were getting a little frustrated when the schedule was released earlier and the majority of events were Hold’em. I know I am a huge fan of hold’em but the players want to play other games and this is a great move by the WSOP to add a brand new event. This will for sure create a buzz at this year’s World Series.

On a side note, the WSOP has also introduced a player panel. This is a great idea as well as it gives the players a podium with which they can express their opinions on and see if they can make the events more to their liking. The players that are on the panel are: Daniel Negreanu, Chris Ferguson, Scotty Nguyen, Jennifer Harman, Howard Lederer, and Robert Williamson III. The creation of the player’s panel is only going to help the longevity and popularity of the World Series of Poker. A great idea and it’s about time the committee looks to the players for some advice. I’m sure this group will come up with some tremendous ideas and ways to keep this awesome event the best tournament in the world.

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Blogger TripJax said...

Very cool about the new WSoP. Can you imagine trying to win a seat with a Satellite. They would have to be huge satellites...

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