Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Kid is back in the Hizzy

That’s right boys and girls as your man Eminem says, its “back to reality, oops there goes gravity”. After a long and I mean long two week break I’m back and I will admit I feel worse for wear than I did two weeks ago. Holy shit! I definitely like to party and all but this was flat out ridiculous. I mean it’s about time I learn I’m getting up there and the recovery time is not nearly as good as it once was and I really need to cut back on my fourteen hour drinking marathons. God! Idiot! At the time it all seems good but when I’m sitting at my desk trying to get work done and my head is all fucked up I need to look back and reflect on a few things. Like why in the hell do I do this to myself? I spent the Christmas break in Ellicottville with my boys and I’m pretty sure I left part of me there. I’m sure part of me is laying on the slopes somewhere (from my mad wipeouts on the board) and I know for a fact part of me was left at the bar (so many drinks). I went snowboarding for the first time ever this past week and I absolutely loved it. I’m not gonna lie, for those first timers be prepared cause you are going to fall on your ass, your face, your tail bone, your elbow at least a hundred times. I’m not shitting you on that one. I’m a pretty good athlete and there is not a worse feeling in the world when you are pretty good at picking stuff up quickly and then you struggle mightily at this one. Although the second time out I got a lot better and I can’t wait for the next time. Be prepared to feel the wrath of the slopes the next morning, cause it sure as hell doesn’t tickle, that’s for sure.

The givener factor over the holidays was flat out ridiculous. Put six guys in a new place with a ton of alcohol and see how fucking crazy it can get. Well we experienced this and then some. By the end of the night the six crazy Canucks were real gunned and we pretty much owned the bar. Two words for this night: Gong Show. We proceeded back to our chalet and the six of us continued to giver. Probably not the smartest of moves but we definitely had an awesome time. We felt the wrath of this night the next day let me tell you. Especially while we are still sleeping and the rest of the crew showed up with so much enthusiasm and here are six guys just laying around absolutely hurting. A bunch of us eventually got up and went snowboarding. I needed the fresh air and by the time I got to the slopes I felt awesome. It was definitely nice being out in the fresh air and not seeing any alcohol in front of me. It was a well deserved night off especially with New Year’s Eve being the next night.

New Years Eve always looks to be a crazy night but the only difference from a regular night that I see is everyone goes crazy for about a minute and a half and then its back to reality. It’s just an excuse to party and I have no qualms about that let me tell you. There were a total of seventeen of us from Canada that made the trip to E-Ville (yeah that's right seventeen people from Canada = Gong Show) and we were all stationed at the bar when the bell rang for ringing in 2006. The night was awesome, but for me there was definitely something missing. That special someone was unfortunately not there with me (insert shout out to Alex here: "Hey Alex")and I rang in the New Year solo. We definitely did this night up the right way with mad beers, mad shots, some RBV's (really though what would a night of drinking be for the kid without my customary RBV's) and some more beers. The festivities wrapped up at around four in the morning but not before some unnecessary drama. All in all a great night was had by all.


Now that the holidays are over it is definitely back to reality. Time to get back on track and take care of business! Well over the holidays I definitely found a new hobby; (and I’m not talking about drinking cause I’ve had that one for quite awhile now, not rapping cause that has been around for awhile as well LOL) Snowboarding. I am a huge fan of snowboarding and I can’t believe I didn’t get into this sport before. It is awesome! The Kid is real stoked for the next encounter with the slopes (or should I say Slizopes).

I know everyone wants to know how the Kidinthehizy made out with his poker party over the Christmas break? Well I am pretty much right where I was when I left. I had a real bad run for about three days and I was getting real worried but then I caught fire for about a day and that’s all I needed to get my account back on track. Also, if you were wondering I am not a part of DreamClown the chiefs that are taking on Negreanu right now. I’m hopin to build up my account to be able to take these guys on, so hopefully I’ll win a few more ten dollar SNG’s and I’ll be able to get up there LOL. Christ! These guys are taking a boatload of cash from Negreanu and at the same time talking down on him like he is a nobody. Even though these guys have been on a pretty good run of late i'll put my money on Negreanu to make a comeback on this clown posse. I wonder if these guys are the Insane Clown Posse!

Look out for the Kidinthehizy in 2006 it could be my year at the poker tables!


Well I hope everyone had a tremendous Christmas holiday and New Year bash and I wish everyone the best in the year 2006.

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