Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Whartz up Wednesday's

“I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada.”
- Britney Spears

I came across this quote and I thought my fellow Canadians would like to know that apparently we live overseas. Are you kidding me! It never ceases to amaze me some of the things I hear about our country. It doesn’t get me mad it just makes me wonder what the hell some of these people learn or how dumb people can really be. Wouldn’t you think that someone like this that is constantly in the public eye would realize that she should be coached or at the very least read up on places where she is going so she doesn’t sound so ignorant. Seriously, for someone in her position that's pretty bad.

I love everything about being Canadian and I do take some offense when people diss our country or say completely ignorant things about us. The best is when someone who has never been to our great country has shit to say about it. Ya know what come check it out, I'll guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised. If you don't like it then you can say shit, but until then shut it. Us Canadian dudes love three things: Hockey, beer, and our Canadian Women. Now can you dig that!

In the news today Mr. George W. Bush finally admits he made a goddamn mistake by going into Iraq. You know what it’s about freakin time. I still don’t know if it was faulty intelligence or if he had a personal agenda and used his forum to take care of business. I know America is right down the middle on this guy but this was one of the biggest blunders I have seen in a long time. Seriously, if you are going to declare war on a country should you not be 110% sure that you are doing the right thing. Sure some good things came out of it, but you could have captured Saddam without blowing up the whole goddamn country. At what point do you say fuck it lets go blow that country up I THINK they might have some weapons of mass destruction. A little rant on Bush as this guy drives me up the goddamn wall. He does make for some good comedy though just like his predecessor Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton.


I am going to change some things up a bit this week on Whartz up Wednesday’s and instead of putting up hilarious videos I have put together some hilarious prank call audio clips for you to get a pretty good laugh at.

Hilarious Audio Clips (hit the play button to listen):

Caller thinks he wins a hundred grand

Howard Stern Prank Calls

Trying to sell magazines

Don't you just love prank calls! I love listening to people when they get all fired up from telemarketers and things. I know how annoying it is to have these people call your house right at dinner hour but I definitely get a kick out of listening to other people get all pissed off!

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