Thursday, December 01, 2005

Top Ten Thursdays

So it’s the first of December already and I’m not really that pleased to see this time of year approach. I really do not enjoy the winter one bit as I absolutely hate the fucking cold weather. Like when you have to leave your house all bundled up with so much stuff that you can barely move, that to me is a situation that needs to be avoided at all costs. When the hell is global warming gonna arrive? Like seriously are there really any benefits whatsoever to winter. The only thing I can think of is that it means its hockey season.

The worst thing about this bloody time of year is that when the snow hits, the roads are ridiculous. They are filled with idiots that don’t know how to drive and it takes an extra hour to get to your destination. For instance, last week I’m heading down to the big city to make a visit to a special someone;) and it normally takes me about thirty five minutes to get there and on this day it was the first snowfall and it took me two goddamn hours to get there. People were all over the road (I’m not gonna lie my car is not the greatest in the snow right now as the kid’s tires are shot) and I was getting a little paranoid of some of the Jabroni’s on the road. Guys were swerving all over the place, accidents everywhere. Really just slow down and be careful and the roads will be a much better place. Winter is pretty crazy here in the land they call the Great White North, but it's home and I love it!

With this being Top Ten Thursdays and the first of December I have decided that it is only appropriate to have the first Top Ten list dedicated to the things I dislike the most about winter. This week’s top ten list is being brought to you by the bonus code 25BR at the tables of Partypoker.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate Winter

10. “You spend most of the winter shoveling not only you’re driveway but your neighbors as well”

9. “I freeze my balls off”

8. “I can no longer chill on patios and get gunned outdoors” The Kid lives and dies by the patios.

7. “It takes me forever to get to my final destination because of all the people that forget how 2 drive when it snows”

6. “I have to shovel more driveways” Seriously, I fucking hate shoveling driveways

5. “I can no longer wear my go to tight T-shirts” "Parasuco" anyone?

4. “I have to listen to people from "New York" complaining about how cold it is in Toronto” I forgot that it doesn’t snow in NY and that it’s fucking summer all year long there. Act like you’ve been somewhere before! God! Idiot!

3. “I have to answer questions about living in an Igloo” I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked this goddamn question. Like Jesus H. Christ this drives me up the wall. I live in Canada, not fucking "Alaska". Get a Grip people!

2. “No more nectar cottage missions where you’re just rockin your bathing suits on the dock hangin with my crew, firing up steaks on the bbq, drinking mad beers, and chatting to the fine ladies” Hey Phril! Get ready to defend our team tubing titles next summer bud! I’ll throw a shout out to my bud Phril the other half of T2. Johnny M gets a shout out for being the other half of the Bash Brothers.

And the number one reason why I hate the goddamn winter:

“It’s fucking freezing”

In a nutshell that’s why I hate winter. There are some things that makes winter a good time for me but for the most part I don’t like it. I’m sure I’ll be chillin in front of the fireplace a lot this winter trying to stay warm with a nice cup of hot chocolate (maybe some alcohol in that bad boy), a nice fine lady by my side (what's up Alex) and at times the laptop will be busted out for my daily dose of a Poker Party.

Thanks to everyone for checking this out!

The Kid’s gotta go and freeze his ballz off!

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Blogger Blonde said...

I hate the cold too. Once my nipples get hard, they stay that way. It distracts men too much.

You get to play hockey drunk though. Good old fashioned Canadian fun. I am jealous ;).

How is it that you live in Canada and don't have a snowblower? I have one and I hardly get the weather you get.

Loving your blog.

9:59 PM  
Blogger Brad aka The Kid said...

I have a snowblower but the thing is a piece of crap and its always breaking down, at the same time its a decent workout though. even though i freeze my balls off.

hockey drunk is always a good time.

7:32 AM  

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