Monday, December 05, 2005

Saturday Nights Madness

My Saturday night was something that we had planned on making it a gong show and it definitely turned out that way. A bunch of us had tickets to go to the Motocross in Toronto and the event was getting underway at 7:00. We decided we would hit up a local establishment early and get the festivities under way. We were pounding beers for about an hour and a half when all hell broke loose.

We were outside and there was a couple of drunk assholes out there and they were talking mad shit to one of my buddies. My buddy really didn’t take too kindly to the comments that were being made towards him and he started firing some trash back at this guy. This guy had one thing on his mind and that was to start something. I knew it wasn’t going to be a good idea when my buddy stepped up to the guy as the guy was a monster. My buddy realized it wasn’t a good idea and he walked away to only hear another comment thrown in his direction. He said it’s not worth it and he’s going inside. He preceded to walk up seven steps and he looked back and the guy was walking up the steps and grabbed my buddy by the shirt collar and threw him down the stairs. Our buddy landed on his stomach with his beer glass in his hand and it wasn’t a good site. He got up and his one finger was broken and there was blood everywhere. Both his hands had significant cuts to them as the glass from the bottle went right through the palms of his hands and he was in serious trouble. We tried to get at the guy and to no avail we couldn’t grab him and he just immediately ran down the street and into the night. We had the cops called and the ambulance showed up.

What a mess, our buddy had to go into surgery that night and have four tendons repaired. Are you fucking kidding me? Like seriously what is wrong with people. My buddy was being the smart one and walked away and then he gets that shit happen to him. This guy was an absolute disgrace and we are doing everything possible to make sure this clown gets what he deserves. I just don’t understand people like this. You have absolutely no life where you get satisfaction out of acting like a first class idiot and then hurting people and you have to run away from it all. Don’t worry tough guy we got your information from your visa that you paid your bar tab with so eventually you are going to get what you deserve. Whether it is from the cops or not, you’re done.

After all this happened we were not in the mood to giver full on at the motocross and it definitely took a lot of steam out of all of us. We couldn’t believe what had happened and I wish there were more of us outside and the whole thing could have been prevented. These guys were monsters and there was nothing I could have done as I was stuck talking to loser’s buddy telling him to tell his buddy to shut the hell up when it all went down. The rest of our guys were inside at our table and by the time they all came out it was too late.

We ended up getting pretty gunned but it wasn’t the same atmosphere at all knowing what the hell just happened earlier in the night. It was a real disappointing evening that’s for sure and it left a bitter taste in my mouth knowing that there are so many goddamn idiots on the streets.

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Blogger jovogaunch said...

who the hell did that happen too?... oh man, someone should have danced with that mother fxxker!... the kid and ol jovo could have smashed his face in with a couple of beer mugs

9:44 PM  
Blogger TripJax said...

In the honorable words of Seinfeld:

"People...they're the worst."

10:00 AM  

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