Thursday, December 08, 2005

Poker Robots Invading Online Poker

After a couple of nights in a row of not making any money at the poker tables I took last night off and I thought I would just surf the internet and see if I could come up with something interesting for my next blog entry. I have been hearing about these online poker robots and how they could be taking over the online poker world from the everyday Joe. I had a couple of interesting reads on this subject and I'll definitely let you in on some of the information. To me as a frequent player on party poker this is not news that I like hearing as I am sitting there at the tables trying to earn money the conventional way and then there are guys out there using these robots to take money away from us. Sure if I wanted to I could pay for one of these but the reason I play online poker asides from winning money is to improve my game and I started playing online poker because of that reason. I had no idea that these poker robots were around when I started and it will really piss me off and kill my Poker Party buzz if I have lost key hands and my money to one of these robots.

What are poker robots? Well a poker robot simply plays online poker for the player by scanning casino poker software on your computer and this robot will play your hands for you. The process that this poker robot goes through is it runs through millions of scenarios that involve your particular hand, and the robot decides whether your hand is strong enough to call the bet or raise it. The robot does this based on the strength of your hand, your betting position, and the size of the pot and the number of players that are still contending your hand.

This is pretty scary stuff for those that are just looking to get some hands in and are playing for money that they really can’t afford to lose. I really don’t like the fact at all that these exist and I’m surprised that the sites have not found a way to completely eliminate these from play. Sure it would be tough but they have to find a way to make this a level playground for all players. With how much money nowadays is available on online poker it does not surprise me one bit that a lot of players are hopping on this bandwagon and the guys that created these are making a ton of money.

Will these poker robots eventually hurt the online poker industry? I think for sure it will if it continues to become public knowledge and the sites have not done anything about it. I mean they have ways to determine a robot but the programmers of these robots are so smart that they have so many ways to beat the system and these online poker companies had better find ways to get rid of them or else they are going to lose a lot of players. The beginners will for sure say see you later if this keeps going on. As soon as people learn that they are at a major disadvantage they will not spend money just to lose it.


The main guy behind the poker robots is Ray E. Bornert II. He is the creator of WinHoldEm which is the number one poker robot on the market today. This guy is one smart cat no doubt about it and his logic behind designing the robot (besides making a shit load of money) was as he says "to create a level playing ground between the players and the owners of the sites." Here is an excerpt from one of the articles I found:

“Bots and bot-aided collusion were inevitable. Rather than seduce anyone into thinking such things didn't exist, Bornert had another notion: Put the power in the players' hands. By democratizing computer-assisted firepower, he'd make it part of the competition. "It's like football - if you don't wear a helmet and pads, you're going to get hurt," he says. "A poker bot is your equipment." And if that is considered unethical, then so be it. "I'd rather be unethical than be a victim," he says. "This is intentional civil disobedience."

So he is pretty much saying that he wants to make millions of dollars by selling these poker robots to players using the excuse that the companies are ripping off the players already. What he doesn’t take into consideration is the fact that these robots are taking money off legit players and he is forcing people to spend additional money on a product that should not be allowed. This is bullshit! He makes it sound so convincing but he is screwing a ton of people out of quite a bit of money and he doesn’t give a shit. This is not going to stop me from having my customary Poker Party but it definitely is going to make me more aware of what is going on at the tables. It makes you think about how many times when you play you lose crazy hands that you think there is no way that guy is going to call that and they do and then they hit their card on the river. Obviously you are at the mercy of the computer but if now you have to worry about poker robots as well, it’s going to change a lot of things. All I’m saying is be aware the next time you hit up the tables.

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