Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Poker Party Ramblings

There is a lot of cool stuff happening in the poker world of late. Of course there are always big tournaments going on. But I am more intrigued by the happenings around the business. A lot of people are coming up with new ideas in order to make some money off of this game and to try and make a name for themselves.

The latest idea that is being bandied about is a new reality television show called “Win Mike Tyson’s House”. Dominic Marrocco the gentlemen that purchased Mike Tyson’s house is putting together an idea that people can win Mike Tyson’s house in a poker tournament. Here is his idea:

“To have a huge poker tournament, with hundreds of competitors playing to earn their spot at the six player final table. Four of the finalists will be the top finishers from the qualifying tournament. The fifth and six will be Marrocco and Tyson themselves, thus giving Tyson the chance to win his house back. The final table would be contested on the basketball court of the former Tyson estate, with the winner taking ownership of the entire property.”

This is a cool idea and it would definitely be an interesting watch. Could you imagine going heads up against Mike Tyson to win his old house. I mean, this would be an intimidating finale as you are looking straight into the eyes of one of the most intimidating figures in sports. Who knows he might take a little nibble out of the opponents’ ear or for that matter want to drop the gloves with you if you crack is pocket aces. All in all I like the sounds of this idea. It is definitely one of the better ideas I have heard of.


Daniel Negreanu is in Toronto this week and he is throwing a party tonight at the
Hard Rock Café in Toronto. He has a big announcement that he is going to make tonight at the Poker Party. There are a lot of rumors floating around what it could be. There is talk that he has a new book coming out, that he is going to bring a WPT event in Toronto, he is going to help out with the Red Hot Poker Tour. We’ll have to wait and see what this announcement is and I’ll let you know tomorrow what the deal is.


Joseph Hachem is looking into moving to the United States full time so that he can further elevate his status in the poker world. It is obviously hard for him to continue traveling from Australia to the States since that is where all the major tournaments are held. I would assume this is a tough decision for Hachem to make but money talks and he has more opportunities in America than he does in Australia. Especially since he has signed a couple of big time deals with PokerStars and William Morris Agency. We’ll see what happens. Either way he is going to be throwing one big Poker Party at his new pad once he settles down.

Poker Pro it might be the poker table of the future! Here is an excerpt from Cardplayer on the new style of poker tables:

“Once the player has a seat, he swipes his casino card in a slot to transfer money from the account to the table. When game play starts, his hole cards are displayed on the screen, and a flop is shown on a 40-inch LCD monitor that’s sunk in the middle of the table.Players bet, raise, call, and fold through the touchscreen. Money is shuffled among the players electronically. When it’s time to leave, the player logs out and the money is credited to his account. It’s kind of like Internet poker, but live.”

This format is starting to take form at casinos across America and they say they are becoming a big time hit with the players. I had heard of this before and I had mixed feelings on the idea at first. The only reason why I didn’t really like the idea is because it takes away the feeling of playing poker in the casino. But, I guess the main reason why players go to the casino is to win money and play a lot of hands. This new system will present the players an opportunity to get in an additional 50-60% as opposed to playing at a regular table. So you make the call on what you prefer!


In other poker news the founder of Pacific Poker/888.com had a grenade thrown through his window of his home. There is talk that the grenade was thrown into his house because he is running for political office in Israel or is it because he is worth an astronomical amount of money with his ties in the casino business. It was stated that he and his brother have $250 million dollars of holdings in the biggest casino in the world. Its pretty scary times no doubt when people know you have a ton of money and they will do anything to get there hands on it. Which is absolute bullshit but people think in corrupt ways.

Alright that wraps up the latest poker news segment brought to you by the Poker Party engineer “The Kid”. You all have a nice winter day (as we have the nice warm weather here in the Tdot) and I’ll catch up wit ya later.

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