Monday, December 19, 2005

Monday's Poker Party



Now that the weekend is over its back to the grind at work and get ready for good old Christmas. I’m the worst I still have so much shit to buy for Christmas and I keep on putting it off. I know once I finally get in the mood to go shop there is going to be nothing left and there will be about a million people in the store. Every year I go through this and I say to myself I’m not going to do this next year. I never learn! It is so crazy though going Christmas shopping all of a sudden people are goddamn maniacs in the malls, the parking lots are filled with crazy people, and the roads are so rammed. Its pretty funny watching how mad people get when they are trying to find parking spaces. People will literally start fights because someone may have grabbed your parking spot. It pisses me off as well but I’m not going to get outta my car and lay a beat down on someone because of it. I mean it’s not like someone spilled my beer. Then there would be problems LOL. Mmmmm…. Beer.

What is the hottest gift for Christmas going to be this year? I’m assuming the new Ipod’s are going to be on fire. I wonder how many people are going to open up their Christmas gifts and see you have received two hundred dollars into your party poker account. Wouldn’t that be a solid gift! So if you are struggling for ideas why not throw some cash together and put the money towards someone’s poker account (and give them the bonus code 20BR for party poker and they can get some extra cash and get ready for a poker party). I played a little bit of online poker this weekend but it sure as hell wasn’t anything to write home about. I played in a couple of big tournaments on Friday night at party poker and both times I finished out of the money. I had two big hands that I lost on the river that absolutely crumbled my chip stack and sent me home real early. I was getting real frustrated with some of the players at the table as it seemed they would call anything and then they’d hit. Two times I had a high pair and one time a guy called my big raise with 10 6 offsuit, and he ends up winning with a set of sixes. I was pretty pissed especially because if I win that hand I am in great shape for the rest of the tournament. Goddamn Fish! Seriously though these guys piss me off so much cause you know that they are just so bloody lucky and have no skills whatsoever, they just call anything and hope they hit.

The Indianapolis Colts run at an undefeated season came to an abrupt end yesterday as they lost to the SuperChargers of San Diego. This was an awesome run for this team and now they can rest some of there starters and get ready for the second season. They are obviously the team to look out for in the playoffs. This loss will only make them a better football team as they now realize that they are beatable. On a sidenote here the Detroit Lions who are my favorite football team are in shambles right now. Matt Millen is an absolute joke and this team needs to change the face of the franchise. Millen has got to go as he has not been able to turn the corner with this franchise and it is not only disturbing to me but all of Detroit is in an uproar. They have drafted three wide receivers with their number one pick for the last three years and they still have no quarterback. Joey Harrington is an absolute embarrassment for being the third pick overall. I know that he has talent but he is flat out brutal for the lions. He is not a franchise quarterback and he needs to beat it. The Lions have to do whatever they can to bring in a franchise quarterback to run this offense. The other question that will need to be answered is whether or not Dick Jauron is the man to run this team for the next couple of years. My guess is he will be gone along with Matt Millen. I think this is what has to happen I’m just scared as a fan as to what is going to take place in the next few years. There is some talent on this roster and they need to find a general to take charge and lead this team. Go Lions! Fire Millen!

Check out this Poker Party

Now wouldn't you like to be at this poker party. I got real scared when I saw this pic for the first time. Its definitely not like the Saugeen Stripper, she should be the fourth member of this poker party.

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