Thursday, December 15, 2005

Its Time For A Poker Party

I’ve been trying to think of different ideas and concepts for a Poker Party instead of the usual home game. I’m talking about a mad drinking game. What about every time somebody gets busted out of the game they have to pound a specified drink and in order to re-buy you have put back two more drinks plus your re-buy amount. Another game that we tried a couple of months ago was for every chip you put into the pot was equivalent to one drink (not a full drink but one big swig), so whoever loses their chips has to swig that many drinks from their drink. Guys will get so gunned and you will love it. It’s a perfect time to give it a shot now that the holidays are approaching. Even bring this up at your Christmas parties. Wouldn’t it be solid to get your boss all shit faced playing poker and then you talk mad trash to him/her. Just an idea if you want to change the pace to your poker games.

Has anyone noticed that the competition for online poker players between sites just continues to gain momentum each and every day? Every online poker site offers bonuses of some kind, unbelievable prize giveaways on a weekly/monthly basis, and guaranteed money tourneys that will blow you away. I keep wondering what is going to be the next big thing. I mean party poker has given away a Ferrari, now they have the jet promotion and are giving away 4 Mercedes, what’s next? I guess when you are profiting $2.7 million dollars a day you can offer such tremendous giveaways. It is such a great way to entice players to not only sign up at their site but to stay there, and by the looks of it, its definitely working. This month Ultimate Bet had the new $1 million dollar free roll which was only open to all new sign ups, and this is another solid way to get players to visit your site. Even if they come strictly for that one event there is a pretty good chance they will come back.

I really want to know what’s next. I’m surprised know one has introduced a promotion that had the winning prize being “build your dream home”. Imagine playing in a tournament that could win you your dream home. You would get X amount of dollars to put towards it, and you could sit down with the developers and customize your very own house (take note that the kid came up with this promotion on December 15th, 2005 so if somebody grabs it the kid gets some cake for his idea lol). Or how about you get an island for a week with your buddies? A secluded island set up with all the necessities you would need for the week and the island is all yours. So nectar that would be! Imagine how much you would love that poker party. I’d love to hear some other ideas and you could leave it in the comments section if ya got some good ones to discuss. Lets have some fun with this!

Have you seen or heard of the Grand Canyon Sky Walk. Jesus H. Christ this thing absolutely blew me away. This sky walk is the new attraction at the Canyon and it is a walkway with a glass bottom and sides, it is constructed out of a million pounds of steel. Yeah that’s right a million goddamn pounds of steel! The sky walk is attached to the side of the canyon and will hover 4,000 feet above the Colorado River. Like seriously what an absolute stunning development this is but at this point in time I will not be caught dead walking on that thing. Great idea it’s just not my cup of tea. I absolutely hate heights and this thing would freakin annihilate my insides. In Toronto, we have the CN Tower and that thing is bad enough but at least we are inside or whatever, but this thing is like dangling over a cliff. Holy Shit! So if you go there and check it out, enjoy yourselves and let me know how it was. I’d rather hear about it than actually walk on it. Another fact about this sky walk is that it is supposed to hold over 70 million pounds and it can withstand an earthquake of 8.0 on the ricter scale from 50 miles away. So it sounds safe (I hope) and all that, but you still won’t find the kid going for a stroll on this thing. By the way, it is supposed to open in early 2006. Enjoy the scenery!

Here is a design pic of the Grand Canyon Sky Walk

Yesterday I was walking through the mall at lunch hour and I see this little kid stuffing her facia with a candy bar and a coke. Now keep in mind this kid is like four maybe five years old. The kid might have been the fattest kid I have seen in a long time. When i say fat I mean real fat! Seriously what is wrong with parents these days. Obviously they can notice that there kid is fat and yet they still proceed to feed their kid this crap. I’m not saying they can’t have a treat but Jesus look after your kid. No wonder why there are so many out of shape kids and young people that have heart problems, all they eat is crap and they don’t exercise. Get your goddamn kids doing some activities other than eating and playing video games! Get some balls and start to enforce some shit on your kids. I can't believe how different stuff is now compared to when I was a little fart runnin around. If they aren’t athletically gifted who cares just get them out doing something to keep them active. If you don’t, you could be seeing your kid on 60 minutes as the next half ton man/woman just laying in bed all day without the ability to move. I'm sure some people would still feed them candy bars and coke. Haven't you done enough already. Get a grip!

The kid is out!

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