Monday, December 05, 2005

I spent my Sunday recovering from a long Saturday night (I’ll have a post on my Saturday night shortly). I was laying on my buddies couch watching football on one screen and poker on the other screen. I was watching Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi. I instantly became a fan of this guys game. He has an intimidating presence at the tables and has a ton of skills. Also, he seems like a real solid guy as he had about fifteen or twenty of his buddies in the crowd and they were all thoroughly enjoying the Poker Party that was about to take place. This was an awesome tournament to watch as “The Grinder” Mizrachi was going heads up against Haralabos Voulgaris in a two hour marathon. This was a back and forth event and it became real tough to watch football with this classic battle going on.

There were some crazy all-in calls by Haralabos for sure, the last hand he went all-in with ten-three off-suit. He was probably trying to buy it, but the Grinder called him and took him down. This was an awesome battle and it turned our football Sunday into an all out Poker Party. This gave me the inspiration to play some poker myself so I went to party poker and played a few games. Unfortunately I did not play all that well and I was unable to make some cash. The fact that my head was still real groggy from the night before sure as hell didn’t help matters. I plan on getting back into action this week and I'm planning on playing in a couple of big events this week (we'll see what happens).

Why is it that every time I land pocket aces I lose the goddamn hand? Last night I had pocket aces and I raised pre-flop and i had two callers. The flop comes 2,6,8 rainbow so now i bet the pot. I have one caller (it took him a while to make the call). The turn card comes and its a king. The pot became pretty substantial now and I was running out of chips so I decided to move all-in. The other guy takes forever and uses up all his additional time and then decides to call me. We flip over our cards and he has J8 offsuit and he calls my all-in bet with a pair of eights. The river card comes and a fucking eight comes up for the set. Are you fucking kidding me. What a joke, so i'm out of the tourney because some idiot called my all-in bet with a pair of eights. I was raising the whole time, its like he knew something was up. I'm not hopping on the rigged factor but that was a goddamn joke. I was really pissed!

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