Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Some more Ramblings by The Kid

Thanks for checkin out The Kid’s blog and get ready for a nectar little Poker Party here on the B Spot.

Are you at home right now? In the office tryin to do some work but you can’t, hey don’t worry about it if you are that’s what I’m here for. I’m tryin to provide some entertainment for those that grace the pages of this blog of mine.

Quote of the day for those Napolean Dynamite fans: “Why don’t you just stay at home and eat all the freakin chips Kip”. Are you a fan of this movie? Well I must say there are some funny lines in it but if you actually say it’s a quality movie well this pretty much sums you up “God! Idiot!”


Let’s Roll!

Last night I decided it was time to have a little fun by havin a Poker Party in my office with my laptop and you got it I logged on to Partypoker and played a couple of SNG’s. I must say the Kidinthehizy was definitely getting bizzy. I have been having some pretty good success in the last little while playing in these and last night was no different. I played two of them and I finished in second place both times. The last one was a bit of a pain in the ass as I was heads up with this chump and I had pocket kings and he went all in pre-flop so I quickly called him and he turned over pocket tens. I was winning all the way down to the river card when you guessed it a goddamn ten came up. Just my luck and I finished in second place. I’ll take it but it would have been nice to win that one.

Party Poker has been pretty good to me of late and I thoroughly enjoy setting up shop at this site. I predominantly play here but I am going to start playing with Dr. Pauly (check out the tao of poker blog) and the rest of the bloggers at Poker Stars in the Saturdays with Dr. Pauly events. So, I’ll see how I stack up against the rest of the poker blogger community. It should be fun.


Time for some news on the WSOP

Alright there was an article on ESPN recently talking about possible changes/additions to the World Series of Poker and I’m gonna bust out some highlights of what is being discussed.

There is talk of having an event with a buy-in in the high six figures or even possibly being a million dollar buy-in. Would this create excitement and only the best/richest players would be able to play in this one. But Christ, think of the prize pool and the pressure these guys would face once they get to the final table. Great idea if it comes to fruition. I’d be glued to the tube on this one.

As soon as next year there is a plan to implement a mixed game event like there used to be. This would be good as this would show really who the greatest all around player would be and I’m sure everyone would like too see this. For the players that have abilities in all games they would love to see this happen. I’m surprised it hasn’t been around in a while, but it looks like its gonna be back.

Another interesting scenario that is being looked as is making the WSOP brand going internationally and potentially having tour stops in all major countries throughout the year and then leading up to the Finale in Vegas. They compare it to the WPT and I think this would be tremendous. It’s obvious that the WSOP is looking to expand its horizons and become a dominant force year round in the poker world as opposed to just the two months in the summer. It should be interesting and stay tuned for any breaking developments.


It’s the time of year again for Oprah's Favorite Things. This is some serious donations made by this woman and she should be commended for what she does for people. Yesterday was the surprise day and she came out with some great gifts and it was to the right people. This time she gave her favorite things to those Hurricane Katrina Volunteers. Truly a great gesture! Here is what she busted out for her adoring fans.

Each adoring fan would receive:

A Blackberry
A Sony DVD camcorder—the most expensive item she's every given away at $1000
A $400 necklace
A Smoked Turkey
A Vacuum Packing system
A Panasonic portable DVD player
All this plus food, clothes, lotions and all kinds of potions.
My opinion on this is that its Not Too Brad. Hey Oprah what about doin a little session of your favorite things for the poker blogging community. I think its awesome what she does, I know people will be critics and say its all given by sponsors yeah and even if it is who gives a shit. It’s still an unbelievable gesture and she brings a ton of happiness to a lot of people. Good on ya.

Some more good stuff from our bud Phil Hellmuth

After Phil gets eliminated from the Monte Carlo Millions here’s what he had to say:

"I ALWAYS get my chips in when I'm ahead. I come all the way to Monte Carlo & some idiot takes me on with K-6 - it's what I've come to expect, people call just to eliminate me. I'm the best player here, & these idiots can't play the game. I've had to battle against these idiots all my life..."

Is this guy not classic or what. That’s why I enjoy watchin this guy play he’s always got something to say and typically its about how good he is and how bad everybody else is. The only problem I see with that is he hasn’t won anything in a long long time. I’m still a fan of his though and its only because of his quotes.


I’m not sure what is going on in the world of sports of late but all these professional athletes and their heart troubles are quite scary. There was another incident last night where Jiri Fischer of the Detroit Red Wings had a seizure on the bench during the game. All the best to Jiri and his road to recovery. What’s the deal with all these heart problems though it seems that there are issues weekly now with guys having heart troubles.

Some more off topic talk

Today, the ugliest dog in the world passed away. I’m not kidding this dog was voted the world’s ugliest dog for the last three years running. Take a look at the pic, its fuckin scary.

"Who's a Tired little Puppies"

Let's get a Poker Party started up in here and will the real slim shady please stand up. Until next time thanks for readin the kid's blog and don't forget to hit up the poker tables. If you play online at Partypoker use the bonus code 25BR.

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Blogger Alan said...

It was recently pointed out to me that the $10k WSOP Main Event buy-in has not been adjusted for inflation in the 35 years it has been held. $10k in 1970 dollar would be around $50k in 2005 dollars (at least according to this calculator). Not much of an event any more. They should make the $10k a side event and make the main event $50k.

11:19 AM  

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