Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Some Daily Insight

"If your left leg was Easter, and your right leg was Christmas, would I be able to meet you in between the holidays?" - Josh Longden

I thought I’d start the day off with a little quote. Well we had our first snowfall in the land of Eskimos, Igloos, and Penguins last night: yeah that’s right people snow in Toronto can you freakin believe it. The streets were filled with penguins goin wild last night and I’m not talkin about Sidney Crosby either. I am truly not a big fan of winter at all and I can’t believe it has finally arrived. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Great White North, it gets cold here, and yeah it does snow here but I’ll tell ya one thing it’s the best goddamn place in the world baby! I’m sure people will disagree and that’s why some people are placed on this earth: to agree to disagree. Those folks are the ones who think that they are always right and their opinion is always right. God! Idiots! Seriously though, I am proud of where I live as should everyone I just hate the fact that people can be so ignorant to think of the Great White North as a hell hole. I’ll guarantee that if you have never been here before you’d love it once you saw it. As the saying goes Its Not Too Brad!


Some Poker Party Insight

Kido Pham is your latest winner of a WSOP Circuit Championship event as he outlasted a tremendous field and a great final table. My boy Scotty Nguyen finished up in fourth place and cashed in a cheque for a cool hundred grand. I have become a big time supporter of Mr. Scotty Nguyen since my Vegas Trips. We have run into him a few times now and he is an absolute class act. Gotta be one of the nicest guys in the game.

In other news, Full Tilt POker and Fox Sports Net are teaming up once again for another televised live event tournament. It is taking place tomorrow evening (November 24) live from the Monte Carlo Millions. Here is the Poker News report:

“Confirmed entries for the event in Monte Carlo include former World Champions Phil Hellmuth and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, who will be joined at the table by fellow professionals John Juanda and David “DevilFish” Ulliot. Three other players have been extended invitations, Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen and Mike Matusow, but we’ll have to wait until showtime (live at 6PM on the East Coast) to see what the actual final lineup will be.

Each player will be putting up $120,000 and Full Tilt will add in another $160,000, bringing the total purse to a cool $1 million. Only the final three players left at the table will walk away with any of the bounty, with third place getting their buy in back, second taking $280,000 and the first place winner walking off with $600,000.”

Curious to find out when the bloggers are going to have a televised event. Wouldn’t that make for some interesting television? Set it up at one of the shittier casinos, with an unlimited supply of drinks (in my case RBV’s and Coors Lights, a shameless plug for my go to drinks), and just see what happens. The viewing public would love it. Guys playing poker, getting shitfaced and telling stories. It’s pretty much everyone’s Saturday night but it’s televised. Sign me Up!

The Monte Carlo Millions has gotten down to the final table. Here’s a breakdown of the final table:

Chip Counts
1 Phil Ivey $ 2,317,000
2 Richard Herbert $ 908,000
3 Paul Jackson $ 809,000
4 Marc Goodwin $ 681,000
5 Bengt Sonnert $ 582,000
6 Kenna James $ 310,000
7 Monte Carlo Gold Winner $ 160,000

I’d like to see Phil Ivey take this bad boy home. How tough is it for these guys that they get to play poker for a ton of dough and then at night they can cruise the streets in Monte Carlo. Like Christ, I’m gonna admit there is definitely some jealousy here on my part. I’d better start playing in bigger online events than my SNG’s so I can qualify for one of these bad boys. Although I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t be in the greatest shape whatsoever at the tables cause I’d be out givener pretty much every night. That's how I roll!


Well tonight is gonna be a pretty solid evening for the kid as there is a big leafs game and typically what happens when a game is on is we head over to the Cobster’s basement and throw on the big screen, fire up the laptops, and crack open the beers. Yeah it will be a Poker Party no doubt about it. The kidinthehizy will be live tonight on Partypoker so I’m hopin I’ll have some stories about the kid winnin some cake. This is the Kid and I am Canadian!

Hey Alex Happy Birthday!

The Kid is out!

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Sup Kid,

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