Monday, November 21, 2005

Poker Party Ramblings

Back from NYC after a long drive home and a couple of late nights on the town. It was real nice to get to sleep in my own bed again and have some nice home cooked food. NYC is a hot spot and I'm lookin forward to goin back to this city.

What’s goin on in the world of poker?

The WPT World Poker Finals wrapped up this past weekend at the Foxwoods and the young 21 year old online poker phenom Nick Schulman took home the title. His Online handle is “TheTakeover” and that’s just what he did at this final table as he took over everybody’s chips and turned that into $2.1 million dollars. That’s not too brad! Keep your eyes on this name as he is gonna continue to make more and more noise at all the major tournaments.

Empire Poker is apparently getting ready to take some legal action against PartyGaming. This should be interesting, if something happens here I’ll likely put my money on PartyGaming to win this battle.

Negreanu and the Wynn have officially parted ways as Negreanu feels he needs to play in more of the big games at the Bellagio. Is this a good move for Daniel’s poker career? I’ve got to think it is and hopefully this will help him get of the schnide it big tournaments. We’ll have to wait and see.

Last night 60 minutes had a piece on online gambling. There was not much new that was presented in this piece other than online gambling is a big industry and that the Poker Party over at Partypoker is the number one site on the net. What a surprise. It is said that Internet gaming companies will profit more than $10 billion this year. Wow is that incredible or what.

Random Ramblings

Apparently Britney Spears and her husband are the latest celebrity couple to have a sex tape coming out. I guess with Britney getting very little exposure of late why not come out with a bang. Oh yeah, i'm sure she doesn't want this tape getting out to the public, yeah right. She has been real quiet of late and probably hates the fact that she is no longer in the limelight while all the other females in her genre continue to get mad headlines. Might as well bust out a sex tape.

Well my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs had another impressive weekend and are slowly making some damage in the Eastern Conference in the NEW NHL. Anyone else sick of hearing the NHL being called the NEW NHL. Like shit its still the NHL get off of this marketing crap and stop trying so goddamn hard to sell the game. I mean you don't have to say this all the damn time. Call it the NHL and that's that. The NEW NHL god that drives me fuckin nuts. I think i'd rather sit on a street corner and listen to all the drivers in NYC just honk their bloody horns all day. I seriously think that a horn is honked atleast every ten seconds of every day down there. It truly is unbelievable how impatient people can be.

President George Bush haha. How can anyone take this guy serious. Did you see him yesterday trying to escape reporters during his press conference in China and he tried to open the doors and he couldn't because the doors are locked. What an ass! This is the President of the United States of America and as each day passes he becomes more of a joke. There are websites all over the net displaying his best features. One of my favorites i have seen of late is the one where he is compared to chimpanzees. That is hilarious. Check it out here Bush or Chimp.

Well that's it for this post and if you are lookin for someone to have a Poker Party with, look me up.

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