Friday, November 11, 2005

The Kid's Ramblings

I am having a lot of fun of late writing in my blog and I am learning a lot from a lot of my fellow bloggers. I’ve got to say for those poker fans looking for other blogs to check out you have to read the blogs from the Tao of Poker and Al Cant Hang. Both of these guys have some fantastic stories to check out.

This Blog’s main focus is on poker and life stories and I find it a great avenue to express what it is I think at any particular time. I'm havin a great time doin it thus far and I hope I can entertain the rest of you.

Of late I have been playing a lot of online poker at party poker and I have been having some success. I am intrigued by the possibilities that could come from this. I’m not saying I’m gonna be a beast at the tables I’m just looking to steadily increase my bankroll and have some fun with it. Right now I solely play at party poker but I’m hoping to eventually branch out and play some tourneys with the fellow bloggers at Poker Stars. Right now I’m quite happy by playing SNG’s and multi table tourneys.

In the last three days I have played in 9 SNG’s and I have cashed in six times. Some might say that’s Not Too Brad!

For you hockey fans out there did you guys see the shootout goal by Sydney Crosby last night? Good god! That might have been one of the best goals I have seen in awhile. For you non hockey fans out there bear with me here as I am a huge hockey fan and I will definitely be talking about hockey from time to time in this blog throughout the year.

For those looking to throw a Poker Party at their house maybe you should throw out an invite to Antonio Esfandiari and his rocks and ring crew. Man, give me a break! Get a load of his Rocks and Ring Crew. Have a laugh when you check it out. It’s kind of embarrassing. Isn’t this the same guy that turned his back on his friends who he grew up with once he started making a lot of money? Definitely a character guy! I’ll put up a challenge to this cat, my boys versus his boys in an all out drinkin’ fest. We’ll fly our bud Gaunch in from Australia to take part with us. All I can say is it would be lights out for the Rocks N Ring crew.

Did you read my posts on my last trip to Vegas (check out the September Archives). If not you should and get prepared for some more solid posting. The same crew is heading to Vegas for round 2 next Monday. Here we again, Look out Vegas here comes the Crew! I will have some tournament reports to bring back for ya as we have a couple guys that are going to be playing in a WSOP Circuit event which is being played at Paris/Bally's. Should be a good time! Oh yeah, there is some work involved while we are there as well! Hey Fitzy I’ll see you at O’Sheas Roulette table bud.

So Mike “The Mouth” Matusow ended up winning the latest WSOP Circuit Event and what a final table it produced. I mean you have “the mouth” and “the poker brat” at the same table. Can’t wait to see this on television! Two goddamn pieces of work battling it out at the final table. It’s surprising that know one ever tries to punch Matusow in the goddamn face when he talks mad trash. I guess the fines would be pretty outlandish but imagine turning on your television to ESPN and watching a tournament and all of a sudden you see a guy get up from the poker table and throw a haymaker. That would make for some great television and I’m sure a lot of the professionals would love to get their mitts on this clown.

Check out some of this interview with Mike “the Mouth” and Michael Kaplan from Cardplayer:


MK: Does the notion of going broke bother you?

MM: I have people I can borrow money from. I don’t worry about money. When things get bad, my mom asks how I will pay bills. I say, “Ma, shut up. Have I ever worried about money?” I don’t worry about money. Somebody will always loan me money. I’m a great poker player. People will always loan money to great poker players. If they think you can’t play, though, you’re f---ed. Plus, I know I can borrow $300,000 cash on my house in one day.

MK: Yeah. But you wouldn’t risk your house on poker, especially if you’ve already lost enough money to have gotten to that point in the first place.

MM: Sure I would. I’ve done it many times and paid it back.

Oh man what a loose cannon. Its sad too see what people go through when they are addicting to gambling.


MK: Doesn’t sound like you have much respect for online players.

MM: Online poker players are the worst poker players in the history of mankind. I play against really bad players who just give their money away. Guys put in $13,000, $14,000 when they can’t beat anything. Only online do you see that. That can never happen in a live game. I crush the no-limit online.

Apparently he crushes the online players but what happened when you just lost $400,000 during the World Series of Poker. Apparently you get crushed! I will say this though about the Mouth he does make for some fun television watching.

Well goddamn winter is almost on its way here in the great white north (that’s Canada and yeah we do exist and it does snow here, and no we don’t live in goddamn igloos). I love that question when I’m visiting random spots across the globe. Yeah and I have a goddamn pet penguin as well. I am not a big fan of winter though I’ll tell you that. This is what the kid has to say to winter:

I can't wait to get out there and start shoveling the snow when its freakin freezing out there. Especially when there are pet penguins runnin all over the goddamn place. Trust me its a real pain in the ass.

"This is my Canadian Winter Home"

Well it looks like its time for a Poker Party. I'm gonna hit up the tables and see if I can throw some bait out at the fishies at Party Poker and reel in the cash.

Thanks for checkin out the Kid's blog
As ManKind says "Have a Nice Day"

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