Thursday, November 17, 2005

Just Another Evening in Crazy Vegas

I woke up this morning wondering what the hell happened last night. It was our last night in Vegas and we did it up our customary way. We started our afternoon off down in the casino sitting at the roulette tables and at the blackjack tables. We ran into a couple of our buds from our previous encounters at the tables (namely Tony Yao). Our man Tony looked to be havin a rough afternoon as he wasn't nearly in as good a mood as from the last time we saw him.

So we were drinking Coors Lights at this time and we were gettin a nice little buzz on when we decided to go eat some food. There is a buffet right across from the poker room at the Hilton so we decided we would check it out. To our pleasant surprise we were informed that the cost of the buffet was $15.99 but the best part about this deal was that it was all you could drink. I'm sorry what was that you said; an all you can drink buffet. Jesus Jerry! The buffet was pretty good all around, our buddy "The General" or the self proclaimed Thermometer thoroughly enjoyed himself as he had about five platefuls of this buffet stuff. He is a machine when it comes to putting down food, no doubt about it.

It was time to head up to the room and get ready for the evenings festivities. We weren't planning on doing the club thing at all this time around, as we did that a couple of months ago and the bank accounts took a bit of a beatdown. So this time
we figured we'd just chill at different casinos and do some gambling and get some cheap drinks out of the deal.

Fitzy and I knew where we were gonna end up. For those that read my previous Vegas posts you'll know that we love this ghetto casino called O'sheas. Its not the nicest place in the world but man everytime we get into this place something crazy
goes down and we always remember it. Well needless to say we had another wild epsode in this joint last night. We roll in to O'sheas after having spent about an hour or so in Flamingo's and we were gettin our drink on. We were startin to get a little rowdy, that could be a bit of an understatement.

Our buddy the General was all about playin poker but he also wanted to giver which typically isn't the best of combinations, unless you don't mind losin your money. Anyways, he wandered over to the poker room and decided to set up shop. Well this is where we came in. Fitzy and I (gettin a little rowdy at this point) and our buddy the cobster (also gettin rowdy) decided it was time to go over to the poker room and watch our buddy play some poker. Well we wandered on over there and all of a sudden I thought we were in the Imperial Palace and there was a poker lookalike tournament. I mean our buddy has a little Scotty Nguyen in him and then look at this list of players he was playing with. The dealer was a Phil Hellmuth lookalike, then we had the Magician, Joseph Hachem, Doyle Brunson, Jesus Ferguson (all this cat needed was the hat and he was an absolute ringer for him), Tuan Le was in the house and the same Johnny "fuckin" Chan. What a cast this was and with us bein a little alcohol driven we let these fine players know all about our thoughts. The guys at the table were havin a good time with it. They probably couldn't believe what they were seeing. A good time in this joint but it was time to fire it up in good ol' O'Sheas.

We roll into O'sheas and we instantly kick the poker party up a notch as we enter this fine establishment. We came in firin up mad chants. For you soccer (football for my european crew) fans you'll know the ole chant. Well we fine tuned this
one to go like O'Sheas, O'Sheas, O'Sheas (you know the rest of it). Anyways we had this place turnin into a party. Everytime one of our guys (namely the Cobster) would get a big hit at the roulette table we would fire up this chant. The only thing about O'sheas is that they don't have a poker room. So we had to settle for the roulette tables. But at this point in our evening we love playin
roulette. Not really much thinkin goes on there. People can tell you all they want about having a system. Its all bullshit, the dealer spins the ball and hits on a goddamn number and if you had that particular number you win. Not much to it. Look at our boy Tony Yao, the poor guy kept putting all his money on five because he thought eventually it would hit. He hit it a couple of nights ago and made a killing, but today he missed everytime and pretty much gave all his winnings right back to the casino. Its funny how that happens.

Anyways, back to the party at O'sheas. With us getting rowdy it was time to find a random gunned person for us too chill with. Since this is what we have come to associate the experience with at O'Sheas. Well again I can safely say we found another loose cannon. This time it was a female (probably late 30s tough to tell though, but definitely from the trailer park). Her name was Jenny (we call her Jenny from the Block) and she thought she was some kind of rapping phenomenon. This scene was absolutely histarical. I mean we are in a casino and we are all gunned and we have this lady busting out rhymes (they weren't good by any means, but i was absolutely dying). My stomach was killing me from all this madness. Jenny
would eventually get kicked out of the casino and then the scary part was she said she had to tell her son she got kicked out. Her son was twenty two
and probably hating life. I mean comon, imagine your with your mom in a casino and she starts rapping with four dudes and just creating a spectacle. I mean we had this place rockin though. Even the Pit Bosses were lovin our antics. Probably because they wanted us too keep on drinking and they wanted us to lose the money. But little do they know that when we get like this we are more pumped and we generally hit a lot more. We've got some videos of these episodes so stay tuned for them. They are definitely worth taking a look at.

We had an awesome time as per usual at O'sheas and it was time for us to head home since we had to get up this morning at seven O'clock to get to the airport and catch our flight from hell. So we had two hours of sleep and i'm waiting in the airport right now. Not feeling good at all. I will tell ya one thing though, we had an awesome time and the kid was up in the hizzy.

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