Friday, November 18, 2005

Got Vegased!

Well whaddya know the kid got vegased for the second time. The term Vegased is a little term that i came up with and it represents how shitty you feel when you are sitting in the Las Vegas Airport after a few tremendous nights of givener in this crazy city.

I mean at the time it seems like a great idea to just keep going and going until your forced to stop partying (Consuming large amounts of RBV's). But Jesus H. Christ this groggy feeling that i have at this instant makes you think about your decisions. Maybe drinking for twelve hours wasn't the best decision i've ever made but last night i thought it was the best thing ever. Either way you can't have both. You can't expect to giver and then wake up and feel great. Its just not freakin possible. What makes it worse is if you have a cold spell at the tables, so now you're head feels like shit and your bank account is hurtin just as bad as your head. You could call it a Poker Party gone bad.

Back to getting Vegased. I'm sure everyone who has been to Vegas has had this feeling at some point. Well now you've got a goddamn term for that vegas feeling. You wanna drink till your heart's content get ready to get vegased. I always have
an awesome time in this place and no matter how I feel right now and no matter how many times i say i'm not coming back here for awhile i'm sure i'll be back. This place is that crazy. Tiring for sure, but what a party.

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