Friday, November 25, 2005

First Edition of Freeforall Fridays

“It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can't remember if it's the thirteenth or the fourteenth.” (George Burns)

First off I hope all the Americans in the house had a great thanksgiving and I’m sure you guys are all recovering today from the mad amounts of food that you gobbled up yesterday. Mmmm……. Turkey. I love the holidays for that reason alone. I love to stuff my facia, and what better way to do that then with turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes and then some fantastic pie to polish it off with. Plus the fact that there is football on (even if my Detroit Lions are shit) and you can suck back mad amounts of alcohol. That sounds Not too Brad!


Friday is here and I’m ready to get this weekend underway. I plan on givener and givener hard tonight and have a hell of a night. We are havin a birthday bash in the big smoke tonight and there are gonna be mad peeps up in the house so it’ll be a gong show (stay tuned for the recap and some pics). This crew knows how to
"Git R Done" and tonight is gonna be no exception. Hey Fitzy you ready to bust out some rhymes bro!

So "Jessica Simpson" and "Nick Lachey" called it quits huh. Surprise! Surprise! They are just the latest "Hollywood" couple that couldn’t make it. It’s so crazy how so few of these couples actually stay together. As they say fame and fortune can’t buy happiness. I mean with Jessica Simpson she is incredibly hot but is she not the dumbest girl on the planet. Now who knows if she played that up or not for the television to spike the ratings but I mean no matter how hot she is, dealing with that stupidity is enough to drive anybody fuckin nuts. But she is Hot! For that reason I’m sure Lachey hung around for as long as he did.


All of a sudden there is a major attraction for the cops to bust these underground poker rooms. I mean take a break I’m sure there are a lot worse things going on in NYC and Baltimore than people playing goddamn cards at night in an “Underground” club. I’ve got one for ya! Why don’t you worry about all the goddamn murders and shit and catch some of these fuckers instead of worrying about people playing cards and making some money on the side. Fair enough, gambling is illegal but Christ there is so much other shit that these pigs should be worrying about. How about this for a start: murders, rapists, and fucking pedophiles. Get on it! The kid is ranting on this cause I’m sick and tired of turning on the news and the lead story every goddamn night is someone is missing, someone is killed. Something has to be done and I don’t think worrying about poker should be the PIGS priority. Especially since breaking up these clubs is not gonna stop people from playing poker or gambling. The latest poker raid (in Baltimore) was a waste of time anyways cause the dumb cops used the wrong subsection of law when they handed out the tickets the night of the raid. So they will all get off. Haha! God! Idiots! Definitely some emotion being brought out in this post! All I’m askin for here is for some goddamn sanity in this world the way it used to be. So who’s up for a Poker Party this weekend?


"That's a bit of a steep penalty, don't you think?"

"That's embarassing"

Could you imagine if you were one of these guys! I mean doing the deed is bad enough but then you wake up in the morning and you are all over the internet (and on the Kid's blog) in that uncompromising position haha. Get a grip and think about it!


A little Jovogaunch update for those that are curious on what he's up to. Well he's still crazy and loving life in the land down under. He has had no problems to report on his sick new ride. And yes he has picked up a couple of music contracts (thanks to the recording on my blog). He actually was signed by the Jackson's to be the newest member of the "Jackson Five". Here's the latest pic of the R&B Sensation.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Jackson Five is proud to present its newest member "The Jovogaunch", Damn dude Run That Game"

A little update to the blog as I am going to have weekly features for everyday during the week and it will all begin on Monday with "Manic Mondays". Thanks for taking the time to read the kid's blog and let the Poker Party begin.

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Blogger Blonde said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love Canadian men...they love to drink, appreciate hockey and good in bed.

You are always welcome at TMIAB!

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Anonymous guile said...

that's some pretty nasty golf ball humor..

12:43 AM  

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