Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Well today is a fun day for all those kids lookin to sharpen up their sweet tooth. The trick or treaters will be out in swarms tonight. I know when I was a kid I would get so pumped for Halloween as I would get all dressed up and be ready to go trick or treating as soon as I would get home from school; even though I still had like two and a half hours to go. I was definitely a kid that was easily excited and I still get pretty excited today for certain things (not Halloween anymore). Hopefully all of you kids will have an enjoyable evening tonight and be safe as you cruise the streets filling up your pillow cases with mad amounts of candies.

"Here's our crew as the Trailer Park Boys"

For those of you that believe in ghost stories here is an urban legend you can enjoy reading, and see whether or not you believe in it.

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Urban Legend: The protective ghosts of little children killed at a railway crossing push stalled cars off the tracks.

The Story: This one is actually true. It's been talked about on many TV stations including an Los Angeles, California station by "The Earth Man" Garcia. It has to do with a school bus full of children that had stalled on some train tracks in San Antonio, Texas. A train was coming and going too fast to stop in time to get the bus off the tracks. The bus was hit and all of the children died. It was a great tragedy. The tracks are located on a curve in the road but the tracks are on a small up-hill grade to both sides.

If you stop your car on the tracks and put it in neutral, it will slowly start to roll over the little hill and down the other side.

A local Los Angeles, California station sent a crew there to check it out and it was done on tape, with a San Antonio sheriff present. The cars back end was cleaned off of any finger prints before the test was done and after it was done it was dusted for prints. Several small hand prints and finger prints showed up on the bumper, showing that the small hands of the ghost children were pushing the car to get it off the tracks.

There are also claims that this is nothing more than gravity anamoly allowing a non moving vehicle to move over a small up-grade. But no one can explain away the hand and finger prints.

Happy Halloween!!

"That's a nice look"

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