Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Vegas ExpeditionDay5

So another late rise for the boys, and first things first its time to eat. We go and grab a bite to eat and head right to the pool for a little while. Alright last day in Vegas we have to take advantage of what we have. So we were at the pool for about an hour and a half as it was getting real hot out there. We headed up to the room and got ready to find a patio to go and chill at. We had a couple of beers and we were shootin the shit on the patio and we decided it was time to go and gamble. We made our way over to the Flamingo Hotel & Casino and checked into their poker room but they were full and we threw our names on the waitlist. While we were waiting we decided we’d go over to the board and play some video poker and have a few drinks (surprise, surprise). Cob and I were catchin some serious cards on the video poker and we ended up winning like fifty bucks on it (it would be real solid if somehow you can play online poker at the casino while waiting, atleast i could have been working on my Poker Party bankroll).

A shot of the casino from the strip

At one point though Cob headed over to the washroom and on his way he saw the slot machines so he decided what the hell I’ll play the five dollar slots. The guy goes ahead and pulls the One Arm Bandit and all of a sudden lights and sirens are goin off, he ended up winning $750 and was loving it. What a sweet pick up that was. He goes and cashes it in and then the four of us head over to the Roulette tables since the poker room is still full. So all of us put down $100, and we all either broke even or left there with some winnings. I struggled early playing my favorite part of the table (the second quadrant) and I was down to my last $20, when all of a sudden I started hitting my numbers and I brought it all the way back to $125. So after all that I ended up with $25 extra in my pocket. It was fun though. Now its time to get ready to go out and celebrate the Kid’s birthday. We have a table reserved at Tangerine which is located in Treasure Island. It is the place to be on a Wednesday night in Vegas. We arrive at Tangerine at 11:00pm and the lineup is huge but luckily we had our table taken care of and we were able to get right on in there.

"Here is a shot of Tangerine during the day and from the Strip, Solid Spot and some great camera work"

Now this club is real small for those that have not been there. Almost uncomfortable small as there is really no place to move. Its wall to wall people. Even the tables are so tight that it’s a pain in the ass. It was a pretty good night all around and again we saw a few celebs in the crowd. Dan Akroyd made a cameo appearance in the VIP section. As did Poker Pro Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, now keep in mind this guy is playing in the WSOP Tournament Circuit event and he was out last night at Pure and tonight at Tangerine. Now he came into the VIP section of the club and he was just helping himself to the Vodka and he looked to be havin a real good time. I took the time to talk with him and let him know about our poker site and he was super nice and cool. I got my picture taken with him as well (see below). He actually ended up winning the event Thursday afternoon after giving er all night at the club. Not too bad of a life being a professional poker player. Giver all night and then show up at the poker tables and walk away with $350,000. Not too Brad.

"Here's the Kid hangin with Chris "Jesus" Ferguson"

So Fitzy and I left Tangerine and we were walking back to Caesar’s from Treasure Island when we encountered a very interesting scenario that probably could only happen in Vegas. We were walking down the strip when we passed this group of people and this guy comes up to us and says “hey you guys interested in making a little bit of extra money”, well like most people when someone says that you tend to want to know what this is all about. It was a little weird but I knew Vegas is a little bit crazy but this was off the charts. The guy says to us “would you guys be interested in starring in a featured porn flick”, I look at my buddy Fitzy in complete astonishment and then we instantly break out in laughter as we were both amazed at what the hell just happened. The guy then says look there is the girl over there, and she’s sitting on the wall and I still couldn’t believe what was going on. Remember, both of us had been drinking all night and then we are approached with this proposition. We promptly said no, but I mean anything in Vegas will never ever surprise me anymore. This was another good story that we would have to come back to the hotel room and let our other buddies know about since they missed out again! So our last night in Vegas and we had a pretty good birthday bash and its probably a good thing that this trip is coming to an end. It’s always a little depressing when your trips come to an end but I think all of us could agree that we were glad to be going back home and getting back to reality.

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