Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Vegas ExpeditionDay4

Oh man, here we go again! After making the decision to stay for a couple more days and givener for about twelve hours it was time for the boys to take a nap and try to recover for the next couple of days. The plan for the afternoon after our nap was to check out the pool at Caesar's and then we would head back to Imperial Palace for the evening poker tournament which starts at 8:00pm. Alright, we headed down to the pool and it was an absolutely stunning sight. Its gotta be the biggest pool I’ve ever seen, the only problem with it is that there seems to be a lot of old men there that like to wear speedos. What a sight that is? There are something’s in life that should be banned and that is definitely one of them. In general, the pool was pretty quiet so that provided us the opportunity to just chill and catch some rays for the first time in three days, since we’ve been locked up either in our hotel room (recovering from the night before), or we have been in the casinos during the days.

Not Too Brad of a Pool

We are off to the Imperial Palace for another run in the tourney. There was only room for two players to get into the tourney so the boys that made it to the final table in the previous tourney are gonna go for it again. Fitz and I are gonna be railbirds for a bit and then we are gonna make our way downstairs to the roulette tables. The boys were making a pretty good run in the tourney and they were looking to earn their way to a second consecutive final table. My buddy Cob had a big hand and he got busted out of the tourney in 15th place when he lost to a set of 6’s, when the 6 hit on the river. He had pocket 10’s and looked real good to cleaning up a big pot. Our other buddy was also eliminated before the final table. All in all another pretty good showing by the boys in the poker room. We then proceeded to set up shop at the Roulette table in Imperial and we didn’t have the luck that we had had at good ol O’Sheas. So we decided we’d make our way over there. On the way out of the Casino we saw Scotty Nguyen walkin arm and arm with a young diva. As he walked by us I said hey Scotty how ya doin, and in typical Scotty Nguyen fashion he proceeded to give me a hand shake with his customary “Hey whats’ up Baby”, and we loved it. At that point I wish I had the camera to grab a photo of him, but I’m sure we’ll be back and we’ll probably see him again. He was pimped out in his gear and he loved busting out “Whats’ up Baby”.

The four of us then made our way over to O’Sheas for some more action at the Roulette table. This is where Fitzy and I spent numerous hours the previous night, and we were now known by the dealers and more importantly by the Pit Boss. My buddy Cob, now all of a sudden came to the table and dropped some nice coin and that definitely grabbed the attention of the Pit Boss. Better yet, the guy was on absolute fire at the table. In a matter of minutes he was up huge and there were eyes all over the crew. Three of us were winning at the table and we were getting all fired up. We were ordering our customary RBV's (Red bull vodkas) and they were given us the adrenaline to keep on going. We would eventually head outta there and go back to our room to get ready for the night’s festivities. We began playing some online poker while waiting for everybody to get showered and changed. Poker Party has treated me fairly well of late so i was loving getting another shot too add to my bankroll. However, it was my turn to get ready and i was still in the tourney when i had to get ready so i passed the game over to my one buddy who had built up a solid chip stack for me, but he would eventually get eliminated. Ah well (Poker Party bonus code 25BR).

Tonight we are going back to Pure, and we had another table set up for us. This time we had the table looking over the dance floor. This table was awesome. Again we had our supply of beers and vodka. I keep wondering to myself when am I actually going to slow down on this drinking business, but then I thought forget it how many times are you in Vegas, chillin in the best night club in the city, and a mad surplus of unlimited drinks. The kid found it tough to slow down and at this point there was no stopping me on this night. Fitzy and I were givener (which pretty much was the theme for the week) in Pure and the scenery on this night was as top notch as it gets. We actually saw Chris “Jesus” Ferguson strolling through the club in his customary
Full Tilt poker black button down shirt and his cowboy hat. He was workin his magic on the dance floor and he looked to be havin a good time. I’ll tell you that much. Eventually it was time for us to leave the bar and it was still early in Fitz and the kid's time so we felt we would go and hit up O’Sheas for another round at the roulette tables.

So we roll into the casino and we see our lucky dealer so we definitely felt tonight had potential to be a good night. Well we were a little wrong in that assessment as we didn’t do that great and we cut into our poker money. We lost a little bit and decided it was time to head back to our little bar in Caesar’s and pay a visit to our bartender bud Wild Bill. As we approached the bar Wild Bill got a big smile on his face and promptly greeted us with a Not too Brad (if anyone goes to Caesar’s look for Wild Bill behind the bar and say Not too Brad he loves it). Again there were Tute’s everywhere and its fun watching the old men in action. On this night there was one guy who was so gunned he had three of them with him and he could barely stand up, the poor guy probably got robbed blind. So we chilled with Wild Bill for a little while and we eventually made our way up to the room to shut er down. Another long day and night in Vegas and we still have another full day and night ahead of us. The last night in Vegas is the Kid’s Birthday. Look out, its gonna be a gong show.

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