Monday, September 12, 2005

Vegas ExpeditionDay3

Its Monday morning and I have those good ol feelings you get after another full night of givener. Today is our last day in Vegas and we have to make it a memorable one. We woke up at around 11:00 and I have a nice groggy feeling in my head but it’s not gonna slow this kid down for his last day in Vegas. We are entering a poker tournament today at 1:00 at the Imperial Palace. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to fair in this event since my head was a little out of it, but we are all pretty pumped about playing in a live tournament. There are four of us who are entering to play and our two buddies who pulled the ultimate surprise on us are going to be railbirds for the event. We go to the registration desk and get our designated seats. There are about 75 guys entered in the tournament and the top ten (final table) all get some cake for their efforts. For those that have never played a tournament at Imperial Palace it is extremely well organized and it is kept moving at a tremendous pace. I get seated at table 4 and my seat is right next to the dealer. I wasn’t extremely happy about my seat but it’ll have to do. I was a little nervous at the start as my hands were a little shaky (now I wasn’t sure if that was from nerves or from the 12 Red Bull and Vodkas the night before, i'm guessin the latter). So its 1:00 and we hear the famous term “Shuffle up and Deal”. We are on our way. I start out on the button, and I had to wait a few hands before I got too see any action. I wasn’t gettin that many great hands to start with, but I will admit I was playin pretty tight since it was my first live tourney in a while and I didn’t want to do anything stupid real early. I played a few hands and really didn’t get anything out of it, and all of a sudden blinds are increasing and my chip stack is slowly deteriorating. There is one re-buy in this event but I wasn’t planning on having to go that route this early.

I finally got dealt a fairly strong hand and this one guy at the table has already been knocked out and is now playing with his re-buy chips. Now, this guy is real aggressive and pretty much plays any hand (ala Gus Hansen, without the skills though, but he thought he was Gus). Anyways, he goes all-in again and I finally have a good hand and now if I call I’m all-in. I felt that I had the strongest hand at the time (I had KQ diamonds) especially with the way this guy has been playing thus far. I call him. He flops over a pair of 6’s. So I’m the underdog at this point in time. The flop comes up and it brings the J28, so nothing for me and I’m still the dog at this point. I’m startin to get that feelin that I could be outta here and then the turn card comes up and Boom! There it is the Kand I get real pumped as I have just been given my second wind and the river card comes up and it’s the 10and I’m still alive and just doubled up. Nice. From there I started too feel it a little bit more, and I started getting involved in some pretty good pots.

My one buddy has been eliminated and he thought it was a good time for him to go and visit the Roulette tables and try and earn some of his cake back down there. There are still three of us remaining and with some people being knocked out of the tourney they start moving people around to different tables. And what do you know but my good bud Cob is seated at my table. We loved it. There are about 40 people left and all three of us have chip stacks that are higer than the average so we are doing pretty well. I have now busted out a couple of other players and I’m startin to get more and more confident as this tourney continues on. I had another big hand, and hear is how she went down. I’m in the big blind and I get the KJ of diamonds, the action is on me now and two guys have gone all-in and I decide to call them. We all flip up our cards one guy has the Hilton Sisters (Pocket Queens), and the other guy has K10. I’m hopin for a King or mad diamonds to come up. The flop comes and its 1037, so nothing great for me but there is a diamond on the board. The turn comes and it’s a J. I’ve now got a pair of Jacks so my outs have increased a little bit but I’ve got to hit a Jack or a King or I’m gonna be real shortstacked. The River comes and I hit the King. That was huge took out two players on the river and I was lovin it. Now there are 27 players left in the tourney and I’m in the top five. I started playin a lot more hands and really wasn’t improving on my stack if anything it was starting to decrease.

We now have three tables left and I get moved to the table right against the ropes, at this time there are more and more railbirds showin up, and I’m startin to have a couple of beers and really havin a good time (that’s the good thing about vegas, when you’re at the tables beers and any drink are only costin ya a buck, real nice). I’ve got a couple of buddies behind me at the ropes and they are havin a good time watchin their buddies make a move in the tourney. The two other guys are also doing real well, and again my buddy Cob has been moved to the same table as me. We both look at each others chips and are lovin it. Almost down to two tables remaining when this hand came up. I get dealt pocket aces and I’m on the button. Everyone puts in their chips to call the big blind and the guy to my right decides he’s goin all-in. I call his all-in and that puts me all-in. My boys behind me are lovin the call and especially when he turns over pocket 8’s, I loved throwin my pocket aces on the table. The railbirds all get a little excited because this is a huge pot. I win this hand I’m the chip leader with twenty players left. The flop comes and nothing for either one of us, the turn again nothing and now I’m getting real pumped. Then the river card and can you believe it the guy hits the 8 on the goddamn river and I’ve been welcomed to SeeYouLaterVille. Goddamn it!! I’m out of the tourney in 21st place. I was real pissed as I thought I was going to make a charge in the tourney. Anyways, I had a real good run and hey that’s poker. You win some and you lose some. I don’t remember winning a hand with pocket aces. This happens to me a lot when i play either in home games or when i play online poker at Poker Party. So many beats I have taken with that bloody hand. So now I will partake in being a railbird and cheer on my other two buds.

We are down to the final table and we’ve got two of our buddies in there. My buddy Cob is the short stack (one guy has already been eliminated), and he goes all-in with pocket 10’s. He gets called with pocket 8’s (by the same clown that knocked me out). Here comes the flop and an 8 comes up and with no help on the turn or the river my buddy Cobster is eliminated in 8th place. So far pocket 8’s have eliminated two members of the crew.

So we are down to one crew member left and we are all pullin for him now. He continues to play well and has now moved into the top five. Another player gets eliminated and we are down to three players. My buddy is short stacked at this point, and he’ s in the small blind. He gets A3 and he decides he’s going all-in. One guy quickly calls him and he flips over pocket Jacks. All our bud can hope for is an Ace and he didn’t get it but what a solid performance for him in his first live tournament ever. He collected $500 for his efforts. All in all it was a fun experience and Imperial Palace really puts together a good tournament. So, poker is finished for now and its time to go get some food and get ready to set up shop for the Monday Night Football Game.

Again, we have our nice parlay ticket riding on this game, and the Eagles have to come through for us. We set up shop in our seats and we are amongst mad amounts of Eagles fans (it seems everywhere I go no matter where it is if there’s an Eagles game there are swarms and swarms of Eagle’s fans). They always make for a fun night of football watching. Anyways, we were extremely disappointed with the result of the game as the Eagles lost and we lost our ticket. Surprise! Surprise!. So, its time to go back up to the hotel and get ready to go out for our last night. The two guys that made the surprise had to go to the airport as they were flying out tonight, and there were two other guys who were tired and thought they were getting sick so they were gonna shut er down for the night and spend their last night in Vegas laying in bed. Man oh man, fitzy and I weren’t lovin that call too much. We weren’t going to let that stop us though from havin a great last night. So Fitzy and I decide to check out the casino across the street; O’Sheas.

A picture of our hangout from the strip

O’Sheas is this real small casino but we thought we’d have some fun in this place. Fitzy decides to throw down $100 and gets some chips to play roulette. At this time I was just sittin there watchin my bud play and I was getting into the Red Bull’s (we call them RBV’s), and I’m startin to feel it a little bit. This real drunk guy comes to the table and Fitzy and I start chattin him up and we are havin a blast with this guy. He is just throwin his chips on everything and anything and he can barely keep his eyes open, slurring his words. I never realized how much fun it was too just sit there and chat with an old drunk guy before but this was soo much fun. I decide its time for me to get in on the roulette action so I throw down $100 and get my chip stack sent my way. At this time its our goal to win as much money on the roulette table and get Frank to keep on sayin “Its Not Too Brad”. We were well on our way to getting shitfaced and we were getting real sore stomaches from all the laughter that was going on at this table. So, our drunk friend Frank had enough and it was time for him too stumble down the street. It was quite the sight watching this guy get up from the Roulette table and try to walk out of the casino. He’s gotta be one of the casino’s favorite guests as he was up about $500 and after continuously drinking he proceeded to lose it all and probably lost a little time on his life.

So, it was time to find the next person to have some fun with. At this point we were enjoying our little game and we had to find the next one. It didn’t take long as we locate a man with his wife and his daughter, all of them stumbling. Again another sight to be seen. We go to the can to relieve some of our alcohol and as we come out we locate the man by himself sitting at the bar. We immediately make our way to set up shop next to him at the bar and this guy was completely annhiliated. Perfect!!. So, we order a few more beers at the bar and start shootin the shit with Big Mark. He promptly introduces us to his daughter and his wife. This was a family that I am glad I wasn’t a part of. But for this night it was the perfect family. We sat at the bar with Big Mark and his family for about two and a half hours and it hands down was the funniest two and a half hours of my life. Fitzy and I could not stop laughing and this guy was loving it soooo much. He was busting out Not Too Brad’s all over the place (for those that are not comprehending Not Too Brad, I’ll give you some insight on it. My first name is Brad and instead of saying Not Too Bad, we get people to say Not Too Brad).

Big Mark invited us to go to his boat the following day and go boating with him and his family. Unfortunately for us we were flying home tomorrow and we had to pass up on the opportunity. He was a lot of fun to chill with and he definitely topped our list of characters that we met in Vegas. So, Fitzy and I decided we’d head back to Caesar’s and maybe have one more beer at the small bar by the main entrance in Caesar's. It’s about 3:30 now and we have had a great time so far and we ordered a couple of Coors Lights to finish off the night. Well we didn’t exactly have just one beer we ended up being there for another three hours and continued to giver.

One of our hang outs in Caesar's

We were being approached by mad Tutes at this point and we were getting a kick out of this scene. Dirty Tutes just crawlin all over the place trying to attach themselves too anyone who was interested. At the bar we ended up meeting Wild Bill (the bartender at this bar) and he was pretty funny. He didn’t understand us at times (probably b/c we had about 20-25 drinks in us and we definitely had some Jibba Jabba comin out of us) but again we had Wild Bill busting out some more Not too Brad’s. Alright, its time to go upstairs to the room (time is now 6:15) and we go stumbling into the room and we awake our other buds who had crashed for the night. At this point we are real gunned and thought we’d cause a disturbance to these tired dudes. We came in and told the boys about our night and they were lovin all the jokes, at this point they both got up and wanted to giver. So now, its about 7:15 in the morning and fitzy and I have been givener since about 11:00 pm and these guys want to start it up.

We made our way back downstairs and headed to the Vegas Strip. We found ourselves at the Bellagio bar at 8:00am and we started havin more Red Bull’s doing shots and oh man it was getting a little sloppy for Fitzy and I but we were lovin it. At this time the other two guys are havin such an awesome time and they felt like they missed out on a great time they thought it would be a great idea if we extended our trip for two more days. Now, I must also say that we were going down to Vegas to go to an online gaming conference and unfortunately we purchased the tickets and we never made it to the show. So I guess you could say we had a good time. So we called the airlines and added two more nights to our stay in the City of Sin. It was time to head back to the room and before I shut
er down for the night i played a little bit more of poker online at Poker Party
(Poker Party bonus code 25BR).

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