Sunday, September 11, 2005

Vegas Expedition Day2

After a long first night in Vegas and with football games starting at 10:00am local time we found this too be a little early for us so we figured we'd grab some food from the Caesar’s food court and get ready for the second set of games to start placin’ our bets. For those that have never been to a Sportsbook or Caesar's Sportsbook for that matter, it is a sight to be seen. There are televisions everywhere you turn and each table in the place has four huge comfy chairs with a table and a television, not to mention the four big screens at the front of the Sportsbook. This place has the perfect set up for the sports fan. The only flaw with this place is that the wireless internet wasn't working so we couldn't fire up our laptops and play some sit and go's at Poker Party. The betting stations had serious lineups, so if you like to wait until the last possible moment before you place bets you could be in for some trouble. There are betting sheets located at the central station for you to grab and to get your brain working in overdrive to see exactly what bets you are going to make.

We decided to put a bet on the New York Football Giants as they were taking on the Arizona Cardinals. On another ticket we decided to go with a three team parlay on the Chargers to beat the Cowboys, the Packers to beat the Lions, and the Rams to beat the 49ers. The parlay ticket looked pretty good right well we didn't win a single game. We did win the Giants bet so that covered us off and we decided with the winnings from the Giant ticket we would put that money down on another ticket (that’s how they got us). We went with another parlay ticket and we picked the Colts to beat the Ravens, and in the Monday nighter we picked the Eagles to knock off the Falcons. We put down $175 on the parlay and we were lickin our chops at the potential of this ticket. The colts took care of business and we thought for sure the Eagles were gonna take care of the Falcons. Well again we were wrong, as the Eagles laid a big egg in the Monday nighter and us guys who thought we knew everything were dealt another losing ticket. Hopefully, this is not a sign of things to come for the rest of this trip. So far the only money i have one in Vegas has been from the online poker variety.

During the Sunday afternoon games we were drinking at a serious pace and then this group of Cowboy fans decided to pass us about 15 free drink tickets. That's what we’re talkin about. So, like most folks in Vegas were on our way to having another long day. But that’s why we came here. After being in the Sportsbook for about five hours we felt it was time to relocate for the Sunday Night game. So we found this small patio, adjacent to the outdoor boxing ring at Caesar's. That was a pretty cool sight to see, it’s too bad there were no big fights when we were down there. Maybe the next time we’re in Vegas.

We watched the first quarter of the football game before it was time to go out for dinner. We had reservations at the Bellagio and this restaurant (I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but its right beside the poker room) knows how do it up right.

here is the view of the restaurant from the casino

There were steaks galore and it was at this time where I was introduced by my boy JohnnyM to having my steak cooked Chicago Style. I’m gonna say the person who came up with this creation (Chicago Style) is an absolute genius. I won’t have my steak done any other way now, that’s for sure. With there being no smoking allowed at our table, guys would need to relocate in order to smoke. The smokers would have to go out in the casino I will not lie to ya, guys were making a lot of trips out there. While guys were hackin mad darts there were a lot of the top poker players in the world strolling on by. We saw the likes of Mr. Johnny Chan, Ted Forrest and, Mike "the mouth" Matusow to name a few(now there is also the WSOP Tournament Circuit event going on during the days as well at Harrah's, so these guys were getting there full share of poker in).

We finished off our plates at dinner and the time has come for the crew to get our night on the town underway. We decide we’re gonna head on down to the
MGM and see what’s going on (nothing crazy tonight since a boatload of cash was dropped the night before at Pure). We tried to get into a couple of clubs there but a couple of the guys had some white shoes on and for that we were told to beat it (the bouncer at this club was a complete ass and thought he was Mr.Vegas, what a piece of work!!). Since we were in the casino already we decided to sit down at the BlackJack table for a bit before we headed outside to the Vegas strip.

There wasn't much going on at this end of town so we slowly made our way back down to our neck of the woods (by Caesar's). A couple of the guys in the crew were fading real fast so they decided to call it a night (really they wanted to play some texas holdem at Poker Party), and left three of us who were still looking to giver. We continued pacing around the strip and checking out random bars until we had really no other options but to go back to the after hours club Drais. On this night Drais had this guy playing the Bongo's and this guy had the place just going crazy. Again, this place has a different scene to it than the rest of the clubs, but we definitely enjoyed ourselves in there this evening (except from a random encounter with this real strange dude). This guy on the bongos was putting on a show that blew us away especially when he and the DJ would start battling back and forth (it was like they were playing heads up poker at the casino or during an online poker battle). We were in there for about three hours and by the time we got out of there it was 5am. At this point we were real gunned and we were trying to stumble our way back to Caesar's Palace. Everywhere we turn there are Tutes everywhere (when I refer to Tutes, i'm talkin about hookers). This is the one thing that blew me away about Vegas, there are Tute's absolutely everywhere and some of them you have no clue if they are one or not. At some points, I was questioning myself on every hot girl I would come across whether or not she was a Tute or not. This was the craziest thing I’ve come across in a long while. Obviously late at night you can tell as they just hover around the hotels, (in the casinos, front door, bars) the best is when you see a dude who’s like fifty (he looks like a complete knob and he's got this unbelievable girl who is probably the age of his daughter and he’s walking arm and arm with her). At this point you chuckle too yourself and say "like she's not a Tute". So another day and another night in Vegas and we have one more night left to go. God, time flies when you’re in Vegas.

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