Saturday, September 10, 2005

Vegas Expedition Day1

It’s Friday September 9th, our bags are packed and we were headed to the city of sin. Our flight was scheduled to leave Buffalo, New York on Saturday morning at 8:30am so we decided that we would head out the night before and have a little fun before we hit our most anticipated destination: Vegas. We set up shop in the hotel room with poker chips, cards, and beers in hand; we got our trip started off in the right way. We also had our laptops set up and played some online poker at Poker Party. The alarm hits, and the crew were ready to get to Vegas.

After seven hours of traveling the plane finally touches down in the City of Sin. A couple of the boys have felt the Vegas adrenaline rush before, but The Kid has never been there before and he had a rush he has never felt before. We grabbed our bags and headed to the Airport Limousine, first stop; Caesar's Palace. First off, Caesar’s Palace is a sight in its own right. Never, have I seen a hotel with this much character and size, I was completely blown away by its presence.

"Here is a shot of the entrance to our palace for the week"

We head into the hotel to get our room situation taken care of and unload all of our gear. We head on over to the Augustus Towers (the new addition in Caesar’s) and we walk into the room and I had to stop at the sight, Absolutely Unbelievable. There are plasmas everywhere, even in the bathroom. Alright, its time to hit the streets and find out what this Vegas place is all about. We head down to the lobby, walk through the casino and see where we are going to set up shop for the afternoon. We see the Sportsbook at Caesar’s and we knew right away where we were going to be spending our day on Sunday. So we head out to the shops in Caesar’s, and Jesus it’s bigger than some of the hotels in Vegas. We finally figure out how to get out of the mall (if you haven’t been there this mall is like a bloody maze) and we spotted our first patio where we were going to set ourselves up for the afternoon. This patio had a lot of life to it, especially since it’s about two o’clock in the afternoon. The streets are rammed and people are walkin away with beers in their hands and takin strolls down the streets. That for one blew me away and I knew right away that Las Vegas is a World of its own. After spending the afternoon at this patio we decided it was time to hit up the poker rooms. We checked out a couple of poker rooms and we decided we’d play at the Bellagio. Two members of our crew purchased their chips (it was minimum $200 buy-in) and they were off and runnin. I had to run back to the room real quick and grab my other buddy who was playing in an online poker tournament at Poker Party. This guy is real hooked on his poker tournaments, but eventually i was able to convince him to come with me and meet the others at the Bellagio poker room.

here is the bellagio poker room and the sportsbook in the background

I was sittin at the bar next to the poker room watchin the Texas-Ohio State football game. Go Horns was the consensus in that Sportsbook, it was rammed with people just lovin the Longhorns. From time to time i'd go and check in and see how my boys were makin out in the poker room. They both were playin pretty well when this big hand came up. My one buddy has A3 suited and he decides to make a bet, my other buddy has AQ of diamonds and he quickly calls that, now this other guy at the table (who has been playing real loose) decides to raise the bet. So, both of my buddies decide to call his raise (anticipating a bluff which this guy was notorious for). The flop comes and there is no help, no help to either guy on the turn or the river, but the bets are now up to $200 a guy (total pot size is at around $700), and both of my guys lost the hand and some serious chips to this guy who was holding onto the Big Slick. This guy took a dent out of both of my buds. One of the guys decided he'd had enough and decided to join me at the bar to watch the big game (as well as some of the scenery that was continuing to walk by), and we were also part time railbirds watchin our buddy make a comeback at the table. After takin that big hit on his chipstack, he climbed his way back and ended up winning a couple hundred bucks (this guy’s got some game). Welcome to Vegas. We head back up to the hotel room and i quickly log onto Poker Party and I got my poker fix in. Although it probably wasn't the best time for me too sit down at a table as i was already a little gunned at this point. I finished in fourth place in a ten man tourney.

It’s time for us to go get ready for dinner and for our big night on the town. We had a table booked at Pure night club (which is in Caesar's Palace) and I have only heard awesome things about this place. We head down from our room and make our way through this sick lineup, I swear to God I’ve never seen a lineup like this before. There was hundreds upon hundreds of people just trying to get a sniff of this place, and we were lucky enough to just walk up to the front of the line talk to the dudes in charge and we were taken care of (if you plan on going to Pure on a Saturday night, I highly recommend getting a table or else you are in for a long lineup, although it is pretty expensive). They took us to our table and everything I had heard about this place was absolutely on point. We sat down at our table and promptly ordered three bottles of Grey Goose and a bottle of Hennessey. Our Grey Goose was bein mixed with Red Bulls and we were on our way to a stellar first night in Vegas.

At around 12:30 in the evening we were chillin at our table (five of the boys) and all of a sudden we hear this ruckus comin through the crowd in the bar, and its two more of our buddies who made a surprise entrance from Canada. These guys just came out of nowhere to pull off one of the craziest surprises ever. I mean, its one thing when you’re back home and one of your buddies arrives at a local bar (like getting off work early or something), but when two chiefs fly cross country too surprise ya, that’s freakin unbelievable. So from there we just gaver at the club and it was an unbelievable night. The place was rammed and the dance floor is so packed it takes about twenty minutes to get by the dance floor just to get into the line up for the bathroom (another good feature to having a table is you don’t have to wait in line for drinks as these lineups were out of control).

Alright, our time at Pure was over and it was time too see what else there was out there to do on a Saturday night in Vegas (at 3 am). Well we decided to go to this after hours club called Drais, and we chilled in there listenin to some beats for awhile (saw some real characters, especially this guy who must have been like 65 on everything imaginable just givener on the dance floor, it was a sight too see) and then we decided to head back to the hotel and get ready for our full day in the Sportsbook at Caesar’s Palace. Once we got back to the hotel room my buddy and I fired up the laptops for a couple more rounds on Poker Party(bonus code 25BR) this time we played in a 20 man tournament and we lost the heads up battle and came away with second place. Not too Brad. Time for bed.

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