Thursday, September 15, 2005

Leaving Las Vegas

The day has finally come and we are heading out of Vegas. We pick up our cab outside of Caesar's Palace and we are on our way to the airport. Its not too long of a cab ride but at this point there are four hurting units sitting in this cab and just waiting for the flight from hell. Today is the kid’s actual birthday and I haven’t felt like this in a long time. I’ve been Vegased. So we get to the airport and there is a mad lineup at the ticket counter it takes us about a half hour to forty five minutes to get our bags checked and then we head up stairs to sit at our gate. The worst thing was is that we were there like two hours before our flight and feeling like absolute crap and then we get word that our flight has been delayed another forty five minutes. So I headed down to the magazine rack and picked up the latest copy of Cardplayer and did some reading about the poker world. With their being wireless capabilities in the airport my one buddy figured why not fire up Poker Party on the computer and play some online poker and get some more poker hands in (Poker Party bonus code 20BR).

"Oh God here is our beauty of a plane but the way I feel at this point who really gives a shit."

We were finally allowed to board the plane and I was ready to just shut er down as soon as I got to my seat. However, we flew Southwest Airlines and I will never ever fly this airline again. It has to have the smallest bloody seats around and there is absolutely no room for me to move my seat back, plus the fact that there was a two seater (a big man that is forced by the airline to buy two seats for the plane) behind me and I had no chance of reclining my chair. So as far as things were shaping up it wasn't going to be an ideal flight home, that's for sure. So now the engines fire up and we start cruising down the runway when the pilot comes on the speakers and says that there are about 15 planes waiting to take off ahead of us. So we will be in another 45 minute delay. Man can this day get any worse, what a birthday!

With no sleep and absolutely no food on the plane (did I mention that i really dislike Southwest Airlines)we finally touch down in Buffalo and we still have an hour drive until I get into the confines of my bed. The drive didn’t take that long and we were havin some fun in the Honda Element and reliving some of our Vegas stories. We finally arrive and I just dropped my bags in my room and crashed.

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