Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Cottage heaven Day 2

Today started off real nice, we fired up some food (bacon and eggs) and headed right for the dock.  It is a real nice day out today and we had planned on making it a full day of tubing on the boat.  For those that haven’t gone tubing it is an absolute rockin’ good time.  Although make sure you have a good driver on the boat when you go.  The dude that always rides our boat has got mad skills and he’ll make guys go flyin off the tube like there’s no tomorrow.  

"There we are givener on the tubes"

We decided we’d head out onto the lake and take on the high waves.  It is a real rocky day out there but we toughed it out.  We hopped into the water and holy shizzit was it freezing in there.  We grabbed onto the tube and there were some serious spills.  Guys just flying off the tube left, right, and center.  It was definitely a funny sight, but in my case I was one of the guys being sent flyin through the air off the tube and crashing like i've never crashed before.  We spent some time out there and then we made our way back to the dock and time to play some dominoes.  We set up shop on the dock, brought down the bbq, more beers, dominoes, and we had the tunes pumpin.

We played dominoes for awhile until it got dark out and then it was time to move our party back inside.  Some of the guys were gettin a little tired (I guess from bein in the sun all day and stuff) so they set up shop on the couches, so the kid and my boy fitzy decided we’d play some heads up poker.  We played a bunch of games (each game for $5 buckeroos) and we would eventually break even and we went to work on waking some of the other dudes up.  After a couple guys took their power naps they got up and were ready to go.  We invented a poker drinking game on this night(surprise, surprise).  What we did was each guy would get 10 chips and we would play a normal game of Texas Hold’em.  What would happen was that everytime you would make a bet however many chips you would put into the pot is the number of drinks you would have to have if you lost the hand.  For example, if you went all-in (10 chips) and you lost you would have to pound a full beer.  If you were to bet 5 chips and lost you would have to pound half a beer.  We played this for hours and hours and the amount of beer that was consumed was unbelievable (we were well on our way to getting shitefaced).  At times guys would go all-in in three hands in a row and lose.   How does pounding three beers in a matter of ten minutes make you feel when you’ve already been givener for like 8 hours?  Anyways, it’s always good to switch up the game of poker and we found this to be a great way to do it.  You should try it out if you are looking for a different way to play Hold’em from time to time. So, we would eventually shut er down for the night and we would be leaving the cottage in the morning. We would be getting back to reality and get back to work after a crazy week and a half.      

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