Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Another Boys Getaway

Well so much for recovery time from Vegas, today we are on our way to our buddies cottage for two nights.  There is going to be five of us dudes chillin on the dock, drinkin beers, playing poker, tubing, and mad chill time on the boat.  These are the days where you love hangin with your boys.  We get up to the cottage and crack open our first cold one and start shootin the breeze.  Instantly guys want to go on the boat and take a spin around the lake.  The weather is a little chilly but Not too Brad.  We fill our cooler up and all of us pile into the boat.  We were out there for about an hour or so and we came back and instantly got out the poker chips and fired up a little five man winner takes all poker tourney.  It’s a twenty dollar buy-in with no re-buys.  The first game lasted about an hour or so and unfortunately I finished in second spot and lost to a damn good player who flat out outplayed me (i'm not afraid to admit that and I did hear about it the rest of the night).  

So, at this point we decided its time to fire up the bbq and get ready to stuff ourselves full of chicken, burgers and some steaks.  You can’t go wrong with that set up.  Some of the boys brought up there laptops to take care of some business while we were on our getaway but pretty much the only action these laptops were seeing was the Poker Party software.  Guys are so enthused about playing online poker that they can’t get away from it.  Later on in the evening we fired up another little poker tourney and this time I was busted out early on; pocket aces again.  I swear this hand is my demise, I can’t remember the last time I had this hand and actually won something with it.  I think I could do more with the goddamn hammer (7,2).  Anyways, another day and some more poker stories to pass your way.  Bye the way, we did consume inordinate amounts of alcohol again and I’m gonna need some more time to recover now (this past week and a half has been an absolute gong show for the kid).   It's all about havin a good time, and that’s what we always seem to do.  

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