Saturday, August 27, 2005

Jovogaunch Goin Away Bash

Well today is a day that the crew is all getting together as our good bud Craig aka Jovogaunch is leaving Canada to go live in Australia for two years. So tonight we are throwing a goin away bash at our buddy Fitz’s new house. There are about 75 people coming to this party and it is going to be an all out gong show. It will be an awesome time but it’ll be sad too see our good bud leave. The Jovo is an animal and he loves to giver, he’s one of those guys that just makes a party go.

We started off at my buddy Cob’s house drinkin mad beers in his back yard at about 4:00 in the afternoon, the party is gettin started at around 8:00. The boys at Cob’s house like to arrive casually late so we weren’t planning on hittin the party until like 9 or so. We were just chillin in the backyard with about ten of us (all the boys were at cobs, and the girls were all hangin out at another pad) and it was getting close to 7 pm and guys are already getting a nice buzz on. We fired up the bbq with some chicken and burgers and the tunes were pumpin, a bunch of jokes and mad stories being told. It was time to get ready for the goin away bash so we cleaned ourselves up and we were on our way over to Fitzy’s house.

We roll up to the party and its already rammed in there, the front of the house just had mad people outside hackin butts and drinkin. This neighborhood is brand new and we were getting ready to christen it. I immediately went into the garage and talked to some of the peeps that were already there and helped myself to the cooler full of beer.

"Some of the members of the Crew"

"These Fine Ladies were enjoyin the Party"

I was planning on getting real shitefaced tonight, and I must say at this point in time I was well on my way. There was a lot of stuff going on at once and it was tough to get a grip on what part of the house to hang out in. There were a lot of people up in here and everyone was in prime form. There were countless incidents that happened throughout the night, one was seeing guys stuffing themselves into the dryer and then going for a ride. A hilarious sight too see guys that gunned at 29 and 30 years old stuffing themselves into driers and loving it. The things that alcohol makes you do.

"Wha Happened"

It’s pretty much a free for all in there and I had a little special someone that I definitely was lookin for at the party and too chill with (mission accomplished). My buddy Gaunch was in prime form for the evening and it was a great night for everyone to get together and wish our good bud a goodbye the way he deserves it.

We had bought some nectar gifts for our bud as going away presents. He is going to be buying a Harley once he gets down there so we bought him a solid helmet. We also got him a Team Canada hockey jersey for him to rock in Australia. He loved it!

"My boy JovoGaunch with his new Jersey"

"The Kid and the Gaunch"

The party was an absolute gong show and we gaver till the sun came up. So we partied for like 17 hours on this night and it was well worth it.

Hey Gaunch the crew is gonna miss ya bud, Good Luck down under.

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